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#10DaysofTailgate – THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

#10DaysofTailgate is finally over. *sigh*

MAN what a rush!! I had a blast getting to interact with all of these wonderful bloggers and sponsors!! A huge and heartfelt, “Thank you” goes out to Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla. Without her invitation I would not have had such a wonderful experience. I have learned SO much and hope to be able to participate in events with her in the future.

In case y’all missed it, there were nearly 2 dozen bloggers that participated in this even that spanned 10 days and 133 tailgating recipes.

133 folks! In 10 days! CRAZY!

I highly recommend following all of these lovely bloggers listed below.  They’re definitely #droolworthy!

This is not the last you will hear about these gracious sponsors who donated time, prize winnings, and products for this event. I didn’t get a chance to show them all some love during the rapid fire 10 days, but I will definitely continue to show them love in the future.I hope you won one of the prize packs! If not, you can still purchase the items you wanted on their websites. Besides, some of them might be participating in other giveaways on *coughOTHERcough* blogs. Please do show them some love and follow them on social media. It will be worth it! TRUST ME!

I hope you all enjoyed the #10DaysofTailgate recipes! Please make sure to bookmark or pin your faves! I know I did! If you missed anything, there’s always the #10DaysofTailgate Pinterest board!

Until next time!

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