5 Among Friends and Bulu Box

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I received two of these Bulu Boxes; June and July. Neither box were really for me. I signed up for the weight loss boxes, cause, well I need to lose weight. Yeah. Not so much with these things.

In June I received:

  • BluCentin- Natural Hangover Protection
  • BioVi Probiotic
  • Shapeology Burn Blend
  • FlapJacked Protein Pancakes
  • EatGreenTea

I actually tried the probiotic and the Shapeology. I tasted the green tea, but that was just a little weird for me. I mean, green tea leaves that you sprinkle on food and then eat it? It just seemed weird and just was a bit too crunchy for me.  Besides, it really did taste like I was eating tea leaves.  Not really a flavor I particularly enjoy in a food.

The hangover protection is sitting in my drawer. I usually don’t have those. The protein pancakes went to J at work. I should ask if she used them or not and how they turned out. Hmm…

In July I received:

  • Naturade Total Soy Meal Replacement Shake: $12.99
  • Rivalus Short Cutz: $56.99
  • Zellies Xylitol Mints: $12.50
  • Vivarin: $11.19
  • PowerBar Performance Energy Blends: $13.59

I’ve tried the short cutz and the mints.  Meh.  The mints are okay.  I’m not a huge mint fan though.  I might try the shake, but I’m concerned on the PowerBar energy blends.  The one I have at work is blueberry and banana.  It has 18g of sugar.  WOW.  That’s a LOT of sugar.  Yes it’s fruit, but still.  That’s 80% of my sugar for the day in one shot.  YIKES!  That’s not really helpful to my weight loss re-journey.

Yes folks, I’ve been down this road before.  Apparently I’ve lost sight of my mojo in more ways than one and I seriously need to stop the crapty pie-hole stuff fest.  I’m waging WAR!  And this 18g of sugar in this “snack” is NOT the way to do it.

I’ve given it the two month try, but Bulu box really just isn’t for me.

So…now on something a little more light hearted and fun?  I hope?
If you could be famous for ONE thing, what would it be?

One?  Um…a singing chef?  I think I do both really well.  I enjoy both SO much!  I just would have difficulty selecting one if I could be famous.

If you had a super-power, what would it be?  Why?

Wow.  Um….wow.  I don’t know.  Flying?  I thought time travel, but then messing with the past changes the future and lord knows what kind of pressure that is.  Then I thought healing, and well if I heal everyone then we will have an even larger population problem.

I chose flying!  That way I could just fly over to see Mom whenever I wanted to!

When did you realize you wanted to be a blogger?

LOL  I didn’t.  LOL  I just thought if someone else had problems with a recipe they might help from my review of it.  Then I just decided to create instead of talking about others creations.  It just happened.

UPS or FedEx?  Which is better?


What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL!  Hands down!!  But I really LOVE the pistachio cardamom stuff I made once and the wild honey I made recently.  You’ll have to come back on Sunday for my #SundaySupper post…  hehe.


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