8 Can Taco Soup

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8 Can Taco Soup

Again…wandering aimlessly on Pinterest I came across this recipe.  My thoughts, “Man!  That sounds cheap, easy, and yummy!”  I had this great game plan in my head.  I was going to make salsa chicken in the crockpot on Monday, have our usual salad day on Tuesday, then use the left over chicken from salsa chicken to beef up the meat in this soup on Wednesday.  Yeah…didn’t happen.  Sunday, I failed to take out the chicken thighs for salsa chicken.  *sigh*  My brain IS a sieve.

So, we made it almost EXACTLY to the recipe.  One can of: corn, black beans (low sodium), pinto beans, chicken, and cream of chicken soup went into the pot.  I added two of the small cans of RoTel original tomatoes, one bottle of Ortega green chile enchilada sauce, made my own chicken broth, and then the one packet of Ortega taco seasoning.  S looked at me and said, “That’s all we’re having for dinner?”  Me: What?  It looks filling!!  That it was!!

This was good…I mean goooooooooooooood good.  It was excellent for a chilly winter week night.  It came together in MINUTES, took about 20 or so to heat up and it was pretty cheap.  At WalMart, I don’t think any of the ingredients were more than $2 a can.  There’s enough left overs in the fridge after the initial meal and one lunch for another dinner!  We WILL be making this again….probably soon!

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