A Food Kitchentervention – Reality Check for AKHA

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We interrupt your normal, food porn style post for a reality check.

When I met S and he moved in, his wonderful step-mother offered up her services to help us lose some weight. PEP or Personalized Eating Plan is the name of her service. Now, her meal counts don’t shy away from carbs. And yes we still lost weight. In fact, we were told to eat more food; more food than any other nutrition plan I’d been on before. And yes, we still lost weight!

Fast forward many years later. Here’s the reality check. I’ve gained weight – a lot of weight – in the last year plus. I just feel gross. I’m not happy with myself for getting into this situation again. I feel helpless because exercising is painful and not in the good way. I just feel…depressed. Pity party of one! Over here, thank you! Do you happen to have a heffer section? *sigh* I always swore I wouldn’t gain this weight back, and, well, I sort of have. It’s embarrassing.


I’d almost just resolved to being in fat pants the rest of my life, until this past weekend. I spent a fun filled weekend with S, his dad, and step-mom. Kathy met a client, Kathy, at the park we were at. Listening to them talk and hearing the struggles and triumphs, I knew what I had to do.

The Kathys led me back home to PEP. I saw the light. I had hope. I remember what I had to do and Kathy re-evaluated me for a new PEP plan. I’ve “come back home” to PEP as the Kathys would say.

No, this isn’t a sales pitch. But if it means that PEP gets a few more followers and maybe some business, then that’s awesome! This is my reality check and I’m laying it out there as to how I will be changing my recipes a little and adding PEP counts to them in order to try to eat healthier and lose this weight.

This is not a fad diet. It’s not a low sugar diet. It’s not a no carb diet. It’s not a deprive you of anything diet. It’s not a diet. I’ve changed my eating habits for the worse and I need to get my arse back on track.

This plan is grounded in years of research by the founder, Kathy, who is has a BS in Dietetics. Yup! That’s my new step-mother-in-law. Man that’s a mouthful! She’s adorbs and super excited that I’ve “come back home.” She offers a very hands-on style of working with her clients to get them to succeed. Anytime, day or night, and she will answer your calls or emails. Even during our visit, she had to answer emails and make phone calls to clients. She’s super sweet and very dedicated to making sure everyone following PEP succeeds.

Needless to say, I’m SUPER excited. I am developing recipes with a purpose; to help us lose weight! The PEP counts will be added to the end of every recipe so others on this plan can easily add it to their counts for the day. I get to work closely with my SMIL, Kathy, and we email or text several times a week. I’m working on developing a spreadsheet for her to offer her clients. Since I heard Kathy the client tell Kathy the PEPpy about making a spreadsheet, I knew I could provide a new tool for PEP peeps.

So, today is a new day and a new beginning. I’ve been following it for a week; an assessment week for me. How can I fit my normal foods into this plan? You know how it goes. HOLY CRAP that’s HOW many counts? Please.  We’ve all been there. Next week is for realz! Hitting the plan with a vengeance! Starting with #MeatlessMonday. Stay tuned and watch my transformation. It’s gonna be amazing…

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