A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures is on Yummly!

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A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures is on Yummly! Well, some of it is. I’m slowly getting all of my recipes over there, but going forward, all new recipes will definitely be yummed. AND if you like my recipes you can easily yum them yourself with the side bar and the yum button at the top of my post. AND you can yum any of the pictures in my post, too.

So, there’s no excuse not to yum. Come on. I know you want to. Just try it and see if you like it. Come on, just one yum. You know you want to!!

Seriously though, Yummly is awesome. Deemed as the Google of food, it has the most powerful search engine of any food related site. It has a gynormous database of 1 million + recipes and ingredients with the ultimate goal of collecting recipes all over the world for every member to find and yum. You could travel the world from your kitchen on just their recipe database alone.

How cool is that?

Yummly is an amazing tool for foodies like us because it was started by FOODIES LIKE US! Bloggers like me love the exposure (15 million monthly users) and support that Yummly offers. Readers like you can yum my recipes and have them all in one place. Just recipes. Not flooded with the other stuff like that other site. Don’t get me wrong. LOVE that other site, but it’s frustrating to search for something and those body wraps come up or something totally not even what I had in mind when I search for that phrase. WOAH! I didn’t even know that phrase meant that. *note to self NOT to search that again*

You’d be surprised.

AND you can easily categorize your collection of my recipes (or other recipes as if there ARE other recipes. LOL). So, if you’re wanting to make a slow cooker recipe, you can create a whole recipe collection just on slow cooker recipes.  And if you click on one, it will show you others on the sidebar with that same tag.  #Meatfree meals? Yup! Even…dare I say it?


Yummly has been around a bit. Since 2010 to be exact, but it wasn’t until they revamped their site and added social features, like their yum button, that they took off like a rocket! The pictures are now larger, brighter, and more appealing. With the button you can easily yum recipes from all over the blogosphere. Plus, these recipes are grouped with similar recipes after you’ve yummed a few (of mine) and they learn your taste profile. They really do learn what you like and try to cater to your foodie flavor tastes.


You also can adjust your food preferences. Allergic to gluten? No problem. Allergic to spinach? No problem! You can also adjust your recipes based on your nutritional preferences or diet requirement. You can even filter on holidays, cuisines, or celebrations. Birthday cake? OF COURSE!

And if you’re truly watching your weight, they give you the nutritional information for each recipe. Granted some of mine are a little whacked, so I’ll have to work on that, but it’s so awesome to find that information up front and on the recipe card.

What do you mean you have “other” fave sites? OH! That don’t have the yummly button. Sorry, I stopped listening when you said “other fave sites.” Well, that’s not a problem! Yummly has a bookmarklet. They even have a Chrome extension that you can add to your browser that will making yumming those “other” recipes easier for you. And their ap (iTunes & Google Play) is pretty awesome! So while you’re sitting in traffic (like I was this morning), you can peruse their site for next week’s menu.


You can easily sign up with Facebook or Google +. Either way, you can let your friends and circles know the deliciousness that you’re yumming from my blog or not. That’s an option in your Profile. There’s also options for Notifications, too. Yummly can email you tasty goodness based on other yums from my blog, or not. Your choice, too.

So, enough bragging about this awesome new to me foodie tool and head on over there to sign up. Then you can come back here and yum your fave AKHA recipes.

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