Antiquing and White Linen Tea House

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White Linen Tea House is a hidden gem in upstate New York.

We are antiquers. We have started collecting Early American Pressed Glass by Anchor Hocking. It’s pretty, it’s reasonable, and you can find most pieces all over the place. We’re still on the look out for
the oil lamp. Just sayin.

We hit several antique stores in the area on our trip. We got up earlier than the rest of the city, obviously, and hit the road in search of deals and steals! There are several antique stores in the Lewiston, Sandborn, Tonawanda area, which are all a reasonable drive from the hotel and from Niagara.

I can’t remember where we ate or IF we ate that morning. It might have been some McDonald’s on the way out of town. In any event, we headed to the Sanborn area and hit 4 or 5 stores there.

We hit

When we arrived at that last place (which probably wasn’t the last antique store of the day) I was starving. For me, that’s not a good thing. My blood sugar will drop and I will get hangry like no ones business. If left unchecked, I could pass out. Not cool.

Luckily, there was the White Linen Tea House next door and they looked like we could get a decent sandwich at least. Boy, we were in for a surprise!!

This place is a gem! I’m not sure if it’s known by the locals, but if you plan a visit to the Niagara area, you need to make a reservation for lunch here one day and then spend house in the adjacent antique barn. It is WELL worth the time to have a nice, relaxing, DELICIOUS lunch.

It had a rocky start. Apparently, as we found out, they were in the middle of several high tea sittings. That’s what they’re famous for. It’s a little house turned into a quaint café/tea house. There were several tables per room and as I looked around for a place to sit I saw towers and towers of dessert trays on the tables.

There were one or two waitresses and one chef in the kitchen, that I could tell, which is why getting a seat took a minute. They needed to clean a table off and there really wasn’t a person to clean a table off. I think they were busier than anticipated, but I’m just speculating. As I’m standing there getting hangrier and hangrier, they finally sit us in this room off the kitchen with one other table.

The menu is mostly tea and high tea items, but in the back there are a la carte items and sandwiches. Apparently, the Chicken a la King was fabulous, according to the ladies in the table next to us. S and I both opted for sandwiches, instead.

They brought us this delicious berry tea. Now, I’m not a huge fan of sweet teas, but this blend was perfectly sweetened and not OVER sweet. I drank three glasses of the stuff. S drank at least 2 that I remember. Yes, it was THAT DELICIOUS!

S ordered the White Linen Club. This is turkey, ham, Muenster cheese and a raspberry sauce all baked into a puff pastry. It’s not your typical sandwich. He had to eat it with a fork and knife, but he was pretty tasty! I ordered the Portobello Mushroom Panini; which is mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions and provolone grilled into a panini. We both ordered salads with our sandwiches, which was DIVINE! The dressing was fabulous, the sandwiches were fabulous, and we were pleasantly surprised with our delicious lunch.

So, if you chose to follow our steps, make sure you stop by the White Linen Tea House for a delicious sandwich OR plan for a high tea! They have different levels and different tiers.

And, we both found it hilarious that we gave each other Invicta watches for our anniversary. S gave me a lovely frame and poem; the first anniversary is paper, mind you. I gave him some Capitals gear; a shirt and hat. I also gave him some after shave balm in his scent. You can’t find it sold separately in stores and he really likes to put it on after he shaves. So, I found a place online that sold me two tubes of it. But the watches, that was really funny. Not only are they watches, but they’re the same brand. Do we know each other or what?

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