Asian Barbecue Chicken

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Asian Barbecue Chicken recipe

Cooking Light, March 2002


It didn’t look like enough sauce to marinate the chicken in, so I doubled it. *snort* I put all the ingredients in the bowl, mixed it all up, poured it into the plastic bag and proceeded to kneed the bag with my hands to make sure the marinade was evenly distributed. Well, needless to say the bag wasn’t QUITE closed. Yeah, all over the floor, me the cabinet, you name it. So, I spilled about half of the double on the floor and wound up right where I started. *snort*
These were pretty good. We couldn’t figure out how to keep them from charring on our grill, though. Of course, it doesn’t help that I marinaded a BOAT load of thighs and we couldn’t really indirrectly cook them. We’ll probably have these again. I think we served them with mac n cheese and snow peas. Yeah, interesting combination.
Measuring cups and spoons
Plastic bag
Grill, grill pan or broiler

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