Banana-Split Cheesecake

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Banana-Split Cheesecake


Yes, it’s that tall.  I made this last night.  It poofed WAY up like a souffle, but settled after I ran my knife around the edges.  I put it in the fridge this morning to cool.True to form, I didn’t follow the directions 100%.  I used 16 ounces FF and 16 ounces RF cream cheese.  Something about FF cream cheese creeps me out a bit.  It just looks weird…  I used two frozen bananas that I reserve for baking.  Those are the only changes I made to the recipe.

I was afraid it would be a bit dry like the last one I made.  It isn’t…AT ALL!  Mine has a very strong banana flavor.  S said it was pretty good.  “Better than the last one.”  LOL  I told him the sour cream was IN the cheesecake and not ON it this time.

We didn’t do the toppings thing.  Too much work for just the two of us.  Hmmm….leaves me to thinking about a pineapple one since I have the crushed pineapple in the pantry already.

Um…lost my train of thought.  OH yeah!  Toppings…with the strong banana flavor this thing has, I’m thinking Nutter Butter crust and a peanut butter sauce.  NOM NOM NOM!!

My only issue I had was with the crust.  It wouldn’t spread like the last one did.  Which kind of makes sense as there wasn’t any egg whites in it.  It wouldn’t “press” like you think it should.  I just made sure the pan was covered and there was some up the sides, then crossed my fingers.

I see some science experiments in my future with this recipe…I’d definitely make it again!

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