Banoffe “Danger” Pie

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Banoffe “Danger” Pie

DANGER IS RIGHT!  OMG!!  *rewinds*  So, I knew you could take sweetened condensed milk, simmer it forever and it would turn to caramel, but I wasn’t sure about the FF version.  Well, it worked and OMG is it AMAZING!!

Take the cans, cover with water and boil 2.5 hours.  Personally, after having made two cans worth, I would turn them over halfway through.  I think it got a little scorched on the bottoms.  Or just shorten the amount of time you boil them.  Let them cool in the water (or at least I did) and then prep the pie.

Now the stirring it in the can with the knife isn’t the easiest thing to do and mine was pretty chunky when I started, but I was persistent and it did wind up loosening up and becoming a nice smooth caramel texture.  So, just keep stirring!

I used two cans….cause I’m a caramel hoor.  I also used a regular pie shell and not a crumb pie crust.  I was lazy.  Three bananas looks like a lot of bananas, but they do settle and the caramel does fill the holes as it sits.  I didn’t top with the whipped cream.  Cool Whip Lite just doesn’t do right without being in the tub.  I put the topping on when I served it.

THIS IS CRACK!  If you like caramel THIS IS CRACK!  I wanted to eat the can without the bananas and the pie shell.  You thin it’s going to be really sweet cause the caramel is, but the bananas seem to cut it and the pie isn’t tooth numbing sweet.  The salt in the pie shell also helped along with the whipping topping.  OH!  Salted caramel banana pie!!  Now there’s a thought!  You could also make this sauce and refill a FF caramel sauce bottle.  There’s another thought!  This stuff is THAT good!  AND FF sweetened condensed milk is pretty darn cheap!

Not sure I’ll make the pie again, but this has opened a new world of recipes for me to create!  I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

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