Beef Daube Provençal

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Beef Daube Provençal

Cooking Light, SEPTEMBER 2007
So, I’m not really making this per the directions. I did put it in my slow cooker, but then I added about 2 cups of baby bella mushrooms, used dried thyme instead of fresh, added 4 cups of water to cover the veggies in the cooker, and added about 2 T quick cooking tapioca to thicken it. It needed more than that to thicken it. I only had whole wheat flour on hand and didn’t think you could make a slurry out of THAT for stew.
It was DELICIOUS! I didn’t feel so good when I got home. Lunch was not agreeing with me, but smelling that made me HONGRY! The meat was just perfectly tender, the broth was TASTY, the veggies were yummy. All in all the combination of flavors and textures made this a WINNER! I even have some for lunch today!
Measuring cups and spoons
Vegetable peeler
Cutting board
Crock pot
Wooden spoon
I used one of the crock pot liners from Reynolds and it made cleaning up a SNAP!

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