Beef with Snow Peas

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Beef with Snow Peas

Following the trend of recipes on Pinterest, I came across this one.  It just looked fantabulous!!  I mean, if you like beef stir fries how could you NOT make this??

As always WalMart always seems to have stir-fry beef on mark down.  Once I get it home I throw it in the freezer for something just like this.  Stir fries are always quick eats for weeknight meals.

Mine didn’t look this pretty, but it did taste as good as this looks.  Marinate the beef longer than I did, though.  20 mins just didn’t seem enough to me.  I didn’t use the low sodium soy sauce and I really should have.  For me (who doesn’t usually cook with salt) it was like eating a salt block.  BUT, even with the sodium thing going on, this truly was quick and DELISH!

I have to say, the WalMart produce department by me is really lacking.  I refused to pay $4 for a small bag of fresh peas for this recipe.  So, I used some frozen stir fry mix I had in the freezer instead.  It didn’t detract from the flavor of the sauce in this dish at all.  I’d say, use whatever veggies you want; frozen or fresh.  I think I would always add water chestnuts and baby corn to almost all stir fries I make.  I just love those things!

This is definitely on the “make again” list!  Even S said he loved it and would eat it again.  He rarely says things like that.  Not that what we eat is horrid, just doesn’t usually remark on many things unless I ask.  So, for him to say something, means it needs to go on the make again list.

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