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Here’s a little bit About Me.  As soon as we could, my sister and I were in the kitchen.  We were either helping or, when we got old enough, just down right cooking dinner.  Both my parents are good cooks, so I learned from them both.  I got the baking skillz from Mom and Nana and cooking mainly from Dad, with some lessons from Mom in that are, too.

My kitchen is my zen place.  It’s rarely a place where stress goes, unless I’m trying to make bernaise from scratch.  Yeah…didn’t happen.  *sigh*  I love to mutate recipes into my own creations.  I am thrilled when my baking comes out yummy!  I only wish I had the technical knowledge to be able to really create baked goods from my own brain instead of some mutant version of one I’ve tried.  But, not all of us can go to culinary school.

The healthy kick?  Yeah, that came about in 2006.  I had escalated to around 280 when I was just downright unhappy…in life, in love, with myself.  That’s when I decided I needed to get off my lazy arse and do something about it.  I did Weight Watchers online for about 2 years, lost about 100 pounds and have kept it off for about 4 now.  I’ve slacked a little lately because we’re lazy on the weekends, but I still keep portions down and calories/fat under control to not balloon back up.

My claim to fame?  *I* was on Emeril Live!  Yup!  I was!  Seriously!!  I love sweet potatoes.  One day, the fam was out to dinner and dancing and we wondered why there weren’t any sweet potato skins.  So, we discussed what would be ON said skins and Elegant Sweet Potato Skins was born.  I peruse frequently and saw the contest for potato recipes.  BAM!  *giggles*  I completely forgot about the entry when they called me.  Check it out!  The recipe is still there and they are still fabulous!

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