Blueberry Pancakes

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Blueberry Pancakes recipe

Cooking Light, August 2009

These were really, really, REALLY thick! The batter was UBER thick and I had to thin it to get it to come out of the measuring cup! HOLY SMOKE! I didn’t top the pancakes with the blueberries after seeing how thick the batter was. I tried one with the blueberries on top and they just sat there and did not sink into the batter AT ALL! So, I added the to the batter.

These are good. They’re pretty filling, too. I didn’t get hungry until around 10. Granted, I do usually eat breakfast at 6 so that’s pretty good for pancakes. The blueberries were pretty tart though. No wonder they were on sale at the store. Made for an interesting breakfast. I may make these without the blueberries this weekend for next week’s breakfast. If you freeze them, put plastic wrap or wax paper between them as they stuck together. I had to pry them apart with a knife in the morning.

Measuring cups and spoons
Large mixing bowl
Large nonstick skillet

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