Body Merry 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer Review

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Body Merry reached out to me through Tomoson to try their retinol moisturizer for free. They knew that I would give a 100%, unbiased review of this product.

Yes, I know. Many say that you often wonder, “Is it TRULY unbiased? Don’t they feel obligated to give a good review because they gave it to you to try as opposed to purchase it?” No. I don’t feel obligated to do that. I do feel obligated to give my true and honest opinion of all of these products to you, dear readers. I don’t want to lead you down some path of subjective reviews that have you buying and using products that don’t meet my standards.

That being said, here’s what I think of the Body Merry retinol moisturizer.

I was skeptical. Just like you are I’m sure. I was apprehensive. My skin, especially my facial skin, is extremely sensitive to the point where I can’t use anything like Proactive. It causes my face to peel and become completely dry. Yes, even their sensitive formulas. So, to say I was apprehensive to put this cream on my face is an understatement.

No. I didn’t follow the directions completely. I should have put the cream on at night. I didn’t. My face didn’t have a serious reaction. It formed what appeared to be a cold sore on the skin above my lip. It wasn’t a cold sore. I’ve had those. It was just was my skin turned, red, dry, and flaked. It didn’t last long and with a simple lip balm it went away over time.

I can only guess that I didn’t rub it in completely and some accumulated there causing the irritation. Since then, I make sure to wipe off any excess and to stay away from the corners of my mouth when applying the cream. Problem solved.




Now, does it really work? I believe so. I only applied the Body Merry retinol moisturizing cream to half of my face for three weeks. After that time was up, I grabbed my magnifying mirror and went to town examining my face on both sides. What I noticed were slight changes. The pores were slightly smaller. My skin was slightly tighter. One side was less swollen or puffy and there were fewer fine lines around my eyes and laugh lines. There was less redness on one side than the other. These are the types of changes I noticed during the time I used this lotion.

Body Merry retinol moisturizing lotion did just what it said it would do. It diminished fine lines and wrinkles. It evened out my skin tone; I noticed less redness after applying this lotion. The Body Merry lotion even appeared to tighten my pores for fewer blemishes. I had more blemishes on the side not receiving the lotion.


The Body Merry retinol moisturizer definitely hydrated my skin. Since it’s more on the oily than combination, there were a few days where it felt a bit sticky and oily. A simple blot with some toilet paper, tissue, or paper towel and I was good to go. It wasn’t so much that it was unbearable except for one Friday afternoon. When I got home from work I couldn’t wait to wash my face. It just felt greasy. Unattractive, I know.

Body Merry has a full range of skin care products. I have several of them and use them daily. They manufacture quality products that live up to their expectations. They use natural and organic ingredients. They are a USA made product that is cruelty free and contains no harsh chemicals. And if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I can’t wait to continue using this moisturizer. Especially on the other side of my face. I’m starting to look uneven.

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