Bogota Day 1…or why you don’t get me started on politics.

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In case you were wondering, no I didn’t get the same symptoms as last time.  Headache, yes.  Nausea, no.  Feel like death?  NO!  Thank baby jebus!!  I can’t imagine feeling like that EVER AGAIN!

The rooms are lux and gorgeous.  But I miss Steve.  They kind of are wasted on just me.  The big bed?  Still only sleep on my side.  Nice fluffy comforter?

Hate it.  I feel like I’m drowning in down with that thing AND it’s too hot.  Shower?

Beautiful, but there’s no where to put your foot to shave.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t shave my legs without having something to put my foot on to elevate it.  I just can’t hold my leg up like that and well…my knees CREAK when I bend them that way.

Like I said.  Wasted on just me.

Yesterday, the headache was horrendous.  I laid in bed from about 5 until 9.  Finished a blog post, then went BACK to bed at 11 and slept until the alarm went off at 5:30.  I’ve been trying to drink more water.  Today wasn’t a good one for the water.  But I’m trying to make up for it now.  *shrugs*

I’ve been trying to read up on this whole altitude thing.  There’s no real reason that I can find for it other than I’ve ascended faster than my body wants it to.  My body….SUCKS!  Feet.  Back.  Neck.  Knees.  Now this?  Seriously?  Can’t a girl get a break?  No?  *sigh*  There’s less oxygen.  That’s about I all I DO know.  There are several theories:

The theory is that in susceptible individuals, swelling could cause a small increase in the pressure inside the skull and lead to symptoms of acute mountain sickness. The swelling may be due to increased blood flow to the brain or leakiness of blood vessels in the brain.


Basically, don’t fly to high altitudes and if you do, plan to feel like death.  LOL  There’s no rhyme or reason to the severity of the symptoms.  At least they were less this time.

My view this trip is not as pretty.

That is Agadon.  I wrote about them last trip.  They had the delish goat cheese salad, sticky toffee pudding, and great burgers.  I will probably go there again this trip.

Breakfast is fabulous as usual!  I really do wish I could eat like this at home.  It’s just not cost effective.

But MAN is it yummy!  The kiwi was a bit tart today, but seriously..who can complain?  E joined me for breakfast.  She had huevos con bacon, which was more like ham.  This made us wonder what the ham was like if their bacon was like our ham.  LOL

So, day one was better than I had hoped.  We made some good process, laid some good ground work for the rest of the week, and found out some additional items we’d like to research.  From where we stand now, we think we will make some great progress this week towards answering and responding to some questions that were raised.

We had lunch at the sandwich “shop” today.  I had the turkey ham, again.  It’s good.

And of course, the plantain chips.  They’re my new crack.  So is this chocolate!

LOVE the no sugar added part.  I can’t stand all the excess sugar in chocolate which is one of the main reasons I DO NOT like milk chocolate.  TOO SWEET!!  The orange flavor?  FAB-ulous!  #nomnomnom

So, we had a good day, I didn’t feel like death, AND got to shop at Thundra Outdoors!  YAY!

It IS nice a toasty, thank you for asking!!  They have some nice looking outdoor items for GREAT prices!!  I may have to go back for a wicking waterproof jacket for UNDER $100!!  I KNOW!  How can that be??  I’ve been tweeting about going to their store since the last trip.  I just didn’t have time to really LOOK at the gear and clothing last time.  The prices are SO reasonable and this really fit well and immediately started to warm me up.  I just wish I could find their stuff in the States.  🙁

We walked to the T zone I think it’s called.  There were several restaurants there, but we chose the steak and beer place.  Casa de la Cerveza.  We ordered something we knew was steak, but wasn’t sure what kind of steak.  We both had LOMO DE RES AL JEREZ which is beef tenderloin with a sherry sauce.  It took a little bit for our food to get here and well, conversation ensued.

It somehow managed to get onto politics and my rant and rampage began.  Thankfully, my dining companion agreed.  I can get on a pretty good ramapage.  I don’t think I need to say that I am disappointed with the way this country has gone.  I find it interesting that those in power feel justified in taking their GINORMOUS paychecks, but expect the rest of us minions to take days off to fill in the void.  But…I DO NOT like to talk politics.  Because it just PISSES.ME.OFF!  I think I ranted for a good half hour or so?  I can’t remember.  It was interrupted by the meal arriving.

It was served with a small salad and some fries.  The sauce was salty but delicious.  Then again, I’m really sensitive to salt…or didn’t you know that already?  Haven’t I mentioned it?  Yes?  Good!  The onions were a nice pairing with the steak and sauce.  They were tender but a tad crispy.  I like that.  They were nice and sweet.  The steak was excellent.  It was about this time that the wind started to really pick up and we were cold.  It was a short night.  LOL

AND here I sit, downing a bottle of water and typing about my first day here in Bogotá.

I even brought my Nalgene decorated with stickers to drink my water.  I got tired of chasing bottles and wanted to bring it so I could pour those bottles into this bottle.  AND I found a water fountain on the compound that has a bottle picture?  I’m guessing I can refill there and not buy water.  I’ll be trying that tomorrow….  *yawn*  And now I need to hit the sack.  Hasta manaña!!


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