Cairpirinha Colada

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Cairpirinha Colada is a pina colada combined with a cairpirinha.  It has that coconut and pineapple flavor you love with the cachaca flavor from the caipiriniha.Cairpirinha Colada for #IsabelsBirthdayBash is a pina colada combined with a cairpirinha. This drink is being served up #SundaySupper style for Isabel's birthday!

Guess what today is??  No, seriously, guess???  I’m so excited!!  It’s Isabel’s birthday!  She’s the awesome person (among several others) behind the Sunday Supper Movement!!  If you don’t know who Isabel is, then SHAME ON YOU!!  You need to head over to her site and read up on this amazing woman!

While you’re at it, check out Terri over at Love and Confections.  She’s the AWESOME person who put together this event for Isabel and the SSM family.  I am truly honored to have been included in the group and couldn’t be more proud to belong to this wonderful family.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

I have been participating in #SundaySupper for going on two years now, I think?  I’d honestly have to check, but however long it’s been, they feel like a true family to me.  The #SundaySupper Movement and its members have embraced me, taught me, directed me, helped me, and were there to support me through this blogging experience and I can’t wait to be able to help new members the same way they have helped me.

Isabel.  What can you say about Isabel?  She is wonderful!  She’s welcoming!  She’s always there with an invisi-smile, virtua-hug, and truly the mom of this family of bloggers.  You have a problem?  She can help.  You have to vent?  She’ll listen.  Need help?  She’s there.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Support?  Isabel is always around to lead you down the right path.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

I have felt so very lucky to have been welcomed into this family by Isabel.  So, you can bet I jumped at the chance to concoct something delicious for her on her birthday.  And a drink at that!  Search my blog.  I’m not a mixologist.  I have one alcoholic beverage and one non-alcoholic beverage, I think?  I just don’t create drinks.  But for Isabel’s birthday, I wanted to make a killer drink.

And that’s just what I did.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

I know Isabel has Portuguese roots, but I can’t help but relate that with caipirinhas.  My mother was friends with a doctor and her husband from Portugal and they introduced me to caipirinhas.  Yes.  I know they’re a Brazilian drink, but still…they’re just too darned delicious to not make one in honor of Isabel’s birthday.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

And this one?  It’s oh so goooooooood.  It’s, I can’t believe I made this, good.  I can’t believe I made a drink, good.  Lick the bottom of the glass good.  Will be making these multiple times, good.  You should get in your kitchen and make these now, good.  Seriously.  Good.

If you don’t like pina coladas, then, I’m sorry.  Please skip down to the rest of the recipes we’re bringing to #IsabelsBirthdayBash.  But, if you do like pina coladas, then sit down and let me mix of up on these addictive drinks for you.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

You see, I ran the gamut of fruits; dragon, cherries, mango, lime, grapefruit, pear, apple.  You name it.  But I kept coming back to the pineapple in the fridge.  But not just pineapple.  Pina colada.  Deliciously sweet with coconut and pineapple muddled together and topped with cachaça; sugar cane liquor. 

If you can’t find that, then you can easily substitute rum, but there’s something about cachaça that’s a little different from rum.  I’d look for it if you can.  Because trust me when I say you will want to make these repeatedly.

Caipirinha Colada for a Special #SundaySupper #IsabelsBirthdayBash

You’ll find yourself attending every birthday party you can just so you can have an excuse to make these delicious caipirinhas; Isabel’s caipirinhas.  A sweet drink with a kick for a sweet friend…with a kick.  Signature

Caipirinha Colada

Caipirinha Colada

Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

The best of both worlds! A pina colada combined with a cairpirinha makes a Cairpirinha Colada.


  • 1/3 cup fresh pineapple chunks
  • 4 teaspoons stevia
  • 4 tablespoons cream of coconut
  • 4 ounces cachaca (or good quality rum)
  • crushed ice


  1. Place 1 or 2 pineapple chunks in the bottom of an old fashioned glass. Add 2 teaspoons of stevia (or sugar) and muddle together until the stevia has dissolved.
  2. Fill the glass 3/4 full with crushed ice and pour the rum over the ice. Drizzle the cream of coconut on top and lightly stir. Garnish with a pineapple chunk and serve.

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  1. Isabel’s birthday was such a success!! I was so happy to participate, and I feel the best decision I made this year was to join Sunday Supper! It’s such a great community, and sweet Isabel is right at the heart of it all! <3 BTW, this drink is on my must make list!

  2. How did you know I love Caipirinhas? They are the bomb and a perfect way to celebrate a special day. Thank you for being such a big part of my birthday. I can not tell you how much you love and support means to me. I hope we have the opportunity to meet IRL soon. Thank you for making my birthday such a special day!

  3. Christie, I’d never have known that you’re not a mixologist – this caipirinha colada is totally pro! And super delicious. I looooove caipirinhas and I love pina coladas so cheers to you combining them into one amazing drink. I totally agree with everything you said about Isabel and Sunday Supper. It feels like family!

  4. What a wonderful surprise for Isabel!! I would love it if you would link this up to Tipsy Tuesday at Grey is the New Black – a weekly cocktail linkup!

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