Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

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Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas recipe
MAY 2009I was a little skeptical with the yogurt, but then I thought it was close to cream cheese and it’s used in several enchilada recipes. So, I ran with it. I had some chicken left over from the tamale casserole I made and used it in this recipe. I forgot to save some of the chicken for the topping. Oops
They were pretty good. They were a little dry, so I would save some of the chicken soup to make sauce with or maybe a green enchilada sauce to pour over the top of the enchiladas. I managed to cram them all into a smaller pan. Don’t do that. It’s too difficult to get them out of the pan without mutilating them all

Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Casserole dish

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