Chicken and Mushrooms with Marsala Wine Sauce

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Chicken and Mushrooms with Marsala Wine Sauce
Cooking Light, September 2010

It’s a chicken marsala. I like the addition of the porcini mushrooms. They always add an earthy heartiness to any dish you add them to. The shiitake, if you’re not careful the stems are tough. I would SERIOUSLY just use the caps. I wish you didn’t have to pay for the stems, too, but I feel really weird just pulling the caps off and putting them in my grocery baggie. *shrugs* No, I don’t shuck my corn at the store either…
For some reason I always serve mashed potatoes with my marsala. It only makes sense to serve it with pasta, but I always serve them with mashed potatoes.
I’m sure I’ll make this again. It was pretty easy and tasty.

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  1. I love mushrooms, I swear I could add them to any dish and I’d immediatley like it better! My mom used to make chicken marsala pretty often growing up and it was always one of my favorites 🙂

    1. I do not like mushrooms! LOL At least I didn’t growing up. Now I know I like creminis more than button and love them cooked and not raw.

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