Chicken Kiev

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Chicken Kiev
Cooking Light, JANUARY 2007

I’ve made this before. Now matter how hard I try, the butter NEVER stays in the chicken. It’s supposed to. I used a roasting pan with a rack, thinking it would help them be crispier. Don’t use fresh bread. I coated two breasts with the fresh bread crumbs, and it was a TOTAL mess and didn’t even completely coat the chicken breasts. I can’t imagine trying to coat 4 breasts with that mess. I wound up sprinkling some panko breadcrumbs on them, which I think I used panko that last time I made them. It helped a little, but not much. I like the flavor of the dill with the chicken, though, and the butter, even though it seeped out, did keep them moist.

Cutting board
Meat tenderizer (to flatten the breasts)
Roasting pan

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