Chicken with Paprika and Potatoes

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Chicken with Paprika and Potatoes

Cooking Light, May 2001
This was pretty good. I made the rub and spread it on the chicken in the morning. I should have put some under the skin, too, but I didn’t think about it. CTM sliced up the potatoes – LOTS of potatoes – and added my pre-chopped onions and peppers to the pan, too. This is where we SHOULD have added more paprika. The flavor in the rub didn’t reach the veggies in time, I don’t think. I would make some extra rub and add it with the chicken stock to the pan.
It was MIGHTY tasty, though. With chicken thighs being as cheap as they are now, we’ll probably have this again. We will make sure to add more spices to the veggies while they cook, though.
Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
LARGE nonstick skillet
Spatula or wooden spoon
Small mixing bowl

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