Chili-Cheese Mac

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Chili-Cheese Mac


It didn’t look like the picture.  I probably should have drained the meat, as it produced quite a bit of liquid.  Or cut back on the broth a bit to compensate.It was very much like Hamburger Helper.  LOL  It was good!  It was quick and easy!  I used the Weight Watchers Mexican cheese blend.  It’s the only RF type of cheddar type cheese WalMart carries.  At least at my store anyway.I want it to be spicier.  I might use the regular or hot Rot-El tomatoes next time.  Or add some cayenne pepper.  Maybe some ground chipotle?  I think the smokiness would really enhance the flavor.

I honestly can’t wait to have it for lunch tomorrow.  It was really good!!  Definitely a good, cheap, weeknight meal that will be on the menu again!

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  1. D said he ended up putting it in the oven, I think because of the liquid (I may not have been listening). I liked the soupiness but leftovers, the soupiness was gone. We used regular Rotel, and I think next time will use hot.

    I liked the leftover.

    You're right, cheap and easy and good.

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