Co-Hosting the Boost Your Post Party!

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Time to pull out all the stops and boost each other’s Facebook posts!
Let’s do what we can to get our posts out to our fans and followers.
Add two of your favorite FACEBOOK posts  (use the FB URL’s please) below.
Boost the four above yours by liking, commenting and /or sharing them.
It’s fun!
Welcome our APRIL Co-Hosts
Natasha, Christie and Dawn!

Please follow them on social media as much as you can!
Christie of A
Kitchen Hoor
Natasha of Serenity You
Dawn of
Spatulas on Parade
Spread the News!
Now, here is how this party works: share the URL to one or two of your recent FACEBOOK posts and let us boost it. We will comment, like and share them so that more of your fans get to see them!  Be sure to do the same for, at very least, the two above each of yours. Do even more, if you can. Easy and fun!
  1. Add the URL to one or two of your recent Facebook posts that you would like to boost. (How to find that URL is explained at the end of this post.)
  2. Visit at least the 2 posts (or four if you shared 2 with us) above yours and like, comment and/or share them.
  • Open up your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Open the Administrative window (Admin Panel) so that you can see the list of most recent posts at the top left of the window.
  • After you have added your status report and clicked “POST” the post name will appear at the top left of the Admin. page.
  • Click on the name of the post and it will open in a new window.
The URL of that new window is the URL of your post.

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