Colonel Benjamin’s Curry Chicken

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Colonel Benjamin’s Curry Chicken

Cooking Light, OCTOBER 2003



Well, I didn’t really follow this recipe to a T. I am one of the fortunate people to have ACTUAL masala from India. Thank you, Mrs G! Her mother sent some back and I got a little baggie of delicious smelling heaven that is known as masala. Similar to curry, but is a usually a variance in blends depending on household, village, region, etc. Kind of the like barbecue sauce in the States. I substituted all the spice except the fresh ginger and the turmeric with Mrs G’s masala. Apparently it has a seed that is only sold as bird seed here in the mix so she can’t really make it here.



I put this in the crockpot, like the recipe said you could. I also added some celery to the mix and I forgot the jalapeno. OOPS! The sauce didn’t thicken as much as I had hoped. I tried putting some quick cooking tapioca in, but I don’t think I added enough. It tasted DELICIOUS, though. We put it over some basmati rice. It’s something I’d make again, but I’m not so sure CTM liked it. It was his first curry experience and he said, “It all tasted the same.” Well, that’s kind of what curry does.
Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board

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