Cream Cheese Brownies

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Cream Cheese Brownies

COOKING LIGHT, MAY 2002It’s always good to have a can of fat free, sweetened condensed milk in the pantry.  If you do, you can make nummy goodness like these brownies.

I read the recipe wrong and melted the butter.  Oops.  I whipped the butter and sugar for a bit longer to get some air into it.  The batter was quite thick.  I had difficulty spreading it into the bottom of the pan.  Not sure if that was from my faux pas or not.  *shrugs*

I think I could have licked the bowl clean from the cream cheese mixture.  Fat free sweetened condensed milk is crack to me.  Mix if with cream cheese (another crack) and OMG!!  Now spread that crack yumminess on stop of brownies and…well…it was an eternity waiting for them to cool.

These are delicious!  Easy to make and I’m sure they will be in the oven often!

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