Day 4…MAN these are good ritas!

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*disclaimer has been drinking*

Today was follow up day.  Um… You said you were going to get us this and you haven’t.  He said he was going to get this.  Nope.  Don’t got it.  That kind of follow up.  I have been doing cost extract and analysis in the mean time while I’m waiting for people to gather the necessary information.  I just *crosses fingers*  HOPE that they can produce at least 2 muy importante pieces of papel for this adventure.  If not…I don’t know what.  We’ll have to go another route of justification.

It seriously surprises me how the day can easily go to hell in a hand basket when it starts out like this:

That round pastry in the middle?  It’s like a hot cross bun had a baby with a croissant.  OMG delish!

This morning though, I was Flab-er-ghasted!  I couldn’t believe that the other person on this trip with me said what she did and had the conversation she did.  I mean, I would NEVAH try to speak for my boss without direction on doing so.  This person?  Not a CLUE as to what the history was behind this situation.  Which she didn’t need to know to be down here, but she does not know when to shut her mouth!  Her opinionated self could easily get at least her in trouble if not us.  I didn’t not agree AT ALL with the way the conversation was panning out this morning…so I kept my mouth shut.  TIGHT!  I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.  It could go either way.  *shrug*

In any event, I’m working on my cost analysis that will be more accurate analysis of the training instead of what the “auditor” came up with.  It’s more like busy work while I wait for the higher ups to try to get what we’re looking for.  I only wish I knew about this earlier so we could have been working on it the whole time.  20/20 hind sight….

Lunch was light because I knew we were going to Agave Azul for dinner tonight.  I honestly CAN.NOT give this place more kuddos if I wanted to!  I tell everyone I know about it.  The food is ALWAYS fan-tastic!  No….way beyond fantastic.  Effing O-gastic!  Um…so lunch was a sammy from Crepes and Waffles.  What would seem like a turkey sammy but it truly wasn’t.

It was turkey that was moist and tasty with some kind of cheese that was melt in your mouth awesome!  The honey mustard…HOLY where do they get it from?  The arugula was a nice accompaniment to the turkey and cheese.  The crispy pita crust?  EXCELLENT!  It was filling, but not too much that I didn’t feel comfy with eating so much for dinner.

And the limonada hierbabuena was tasty.  It wasn’t really sweet.  Was nice and limey and minty.  I really do need to make a recipe for that.  It’s just so refreshing and tasty.

It’s like a mojito slushy without the rum.  I mean…you COULD put rum in it and it would be oh so tasty!!  #nomnomnom

The rest of the day was pretty slow.  I continued to extract financial data from reports that were submitted.  Had some issues to answer via email.  Nothing major.  Now it’s just a waiting game to see if they can produce those arrangements or not.  I hope they can. They would be the holy grail for us….

We even headed home early and I still couldn’t wait for dinner.  I read blogs, played some games, check my personal email, watched TV.  YAY!  It’s time to get ready!  Needless to say, Yes I was excited about going to this place for dinner.  I’ve been wanting to come back JUST to go here since the last trip.

Agave Azul – I can’t say enough good things about this place.  The food is A-Mazing!  The margaritas – FABulous!  I have read nothing but rave reviews from food critics in my Google searches about this restaurant.

You sit down, tell then what you don’t/can’t eat and away they go!

We started with delicious guacamole with chunks of sea salt that just explode in your mouth!!  The creamy Haas avocados, ripe tomatoes, lime juice.  YUM!

They give you a basket of fresh corn tortillas for the guacamole.  They themselves are drool worthy!  I could eat my weight in them.


Next up is the cheese, black bean, and chipotle dumpling.  They serve this with a fresh jalapeno sauce that’s to die for!  Simple flavors that just smack your mouth.

Crab and black bean tostada…the crab meat is in this sweet sauce that enhances the flavor of the crab.  The creamy avocado slice with the crispy of the tostada and sweet of crab.  Just a flavor explosion!

Grilled prawn on cabbage slaw.  WOW  The prawns were succulent and sweet; enhanced by the slaw.  FABULOUS!


Again they served these with the corn tortillas.

The waitress came to the table to make sure we ate pork.  Um….yeah!  And boy am I glad I do!!  Sweet and spicy pork tacos with a chipotle sauce.

Served with the jalapeno sauce in the background, fresh onions topped with oregano.  These were AMAZING!

I think I could have eaten a whole meal of these and the shrimp dish…and the dumplings…and the…WHOLE MEAL!  I can’t wait to come back to Bogota so I can eat here again!!

Dessert was chocolate cake with a berry coulis type filling in between the layers.

Served with yummy ice cream.  I think it’s a caramel and vanilla ice cream but tastes like birthday cake only MUCH better.  The chocolate ganache type “frosting” was excellent!  The cake was moist and full of berry flavor.

Yeah, I would suck as a food critic.  I would love everything too much.  *snort*

I have slept since starting this post, so I am no longer drunk.  Those ritas were delicious and went down like Kool-Aid.  I drank all the water I had left in my bottle and have NO headache this morning.  I am sipping the nectar of the gods:

And happy it’s Friday!  I have to go to Carulla and get coffee, possibly go BACK to Thundra Outdoors for a rain jacket, pack, and get ready for the LONG travel day tomorrow.

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