Day 5…Loves me some Arepas!

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Yay for the last day.

This has been the longest week.  Or at least felt like the longest week ever.  I’m tired exhausted.  There’s not much in the way of “work” work to do.  It’s more follow up and hoping that we can get the magic answer that we’ve been looking for most of the week.

So, I did more financial extractions of data (man that sounds fancy) for a more succinct response instead of the one that the auditors gave.  Yeah… *yawn*  I mean, it’s not yawn for me, but I’m sure those of you outside finances will be yawn.

My tummy wasn’t happy that morning.  LOVE breakfast though.  Can’t get enough of the fresh fruit there!  MAN!  It’s just so sweet, juicy, and tasty.  So, I wasn’t going to argue when N asked if we could eat a later lunch.  Yup!  Fine with me!

He wanted to take us to a more authentic Colombia restaurant, which wound up being Las Acasias.

They brought us arepas.  Which are YUMMY!  There was hogao and a habanero sauce that really was spicy!  I was surprised.  Every time they say something is muy caliente, it’s really not even caliente.  LOL


These were really good arepas.  Nice, fluffy, moist…I really should try to make some at some point.  BUT you can’t buy a small bag of masa here.  GIANT bags only.  I wonder if someone would just give me a few cups?  *shrugs*  I’ll just have to ask.  If not…I’ll have to bit the bullet and buy a big bag…and eat arepas daily.  LOL  KIDDING!  I know you can make more than arepas with masa.

There’s a chicken stew that’s traditional to Colombia.  Ajiaco Santafereño.  It’s chicken, of course, corn, rice, like a sour cream type cream, and an avocado slice.  I didn’t have that.  I had frijoles con garra.

Yup, they’re beans and some stewed pork belly, and rice, chicharron, patacones (tostones to some), and a slice of avocado.

Chicharron is like pork rinds but not really.  It’s deep fried pork belly and fat.  They taste like pork rinds, but I do believe that pork rinds are more fat than anything.  In any event, THEY’RE AWESOME!  I mean who doesn’t LOVE deep fried pork?

The patacones, not having had them before, were a little flavorless to me.  They could have used salt, and I RARELY say that.  If I say they need salt…they need salt.

N had Mojarra Frita, which was a whole fish deep fried with rice, patacones and salad.  Um…it was interesting.  I’ve never seen someone eat the fins of the fish before.  I would have thought it would be a bit too…I don’t…hard and crunchy to eat?  *shrugs*

Now that we’re sufficiently full, we’re supposed to have chai with J from upstairs, but we also have to check with A on what’s left to be done.  We get some time, but J’s not at his desk for chai, so we opt for dinner with J before E and I pack up.  A different J is picking up at 4:30 am to take us to the airport.  Man…that’s early.  I don’t want a late night.  I still need to pack.  SCREW IT!  Okay…dinner sounds good!  We’ll go across the street and have burgers then can be back at the hotel by like 7:30, pack and hit the sack.

Did.not.happen.  *snort*  J is super nice and we all just talked and talked and talked.  Then HAD to walk up the street for some AMAZING postre, which I didn’t photograph.  Yeah…I know.

We headed back to the hotel a little earlier than I thought it was.  I had this problem with my laptop having home time and my watch having local time and I just couldn’t keep the two straight in my head.  BUT our choices were go now or go in like an hour and a half.  I say, go now.  I’m tired.  I want to pack and go home.

Packing?  *giggle*  THAT’S going to be interesting.  I have coffee, binders, spiral books that I’ve been give to hand out at HQ.  That big suitcase is going to HEAV-Y!

We walk to Carulla.  I got coffee, some nummies for my foodie penpal (Yes my box is gonna be late because of this, but IT WILL go in the mail tomorrow).  Of course, we had to stop at Thundra again.  I wanted to check out that rain jacket.  I opted NOT to get it…for my own reasons.  BUT E did get a fleece.

I snapped this photo of the store…just for posterior’s sake.  I’d like to get one of the t-shirts THEY wear in the store.  They have the logo down the sleeve.  They just look cool and I want one!  Maybe I can write to them and buy one from them.  I am somehow obsessed with this small company.  Their products are nice and not expensive.  I was toasty in the fleece.  I SAID it was mine, but I really was giving it to S.  hehe

After shopping, we head back to the hotel and my packing commences.  I have too much crap to pack up.  Too many coffee orders, too many binders.  *sigh* How in the world am I going to get all this in my suitcase?

Uh oh…now it’s time for dinner.  J meets us out front and we head to Agadon.

I love these lights in the awning.  It’s close and the food is good.  He orders a malbec.

It’s one that needs to breathe.  It tasted different 30 minutes after it was poured.  I haven’t really had a red taste THAT different after it breathed.  It was interesting to me.

I order the chipotle burger, 150g thank you!  It’s the perfect size!  And the fries are so nice and crispy.

The chipotle mayonnaise was tasty, too!  I dipped my fries and my burger in it.  E had a mushroom burger and I can’t remember what J had.  We all had burgers, though, cause they’re goooooooood!

We finish and head to the mall.  Okay.  The mall. Their food court is even more amazing than ours!  The different types, the styles, ALL of the choices are so much better than ours.  It’s insagn!

J orders a piece of cake and milk.  It’s a chocolate cake topped with cheesecake and then ariquipe.  OMG amazing.  It was not too sweet.  It was nice and moist.  It was perfect.  THIS I will have to try to recreate.  I just wish I had taken a pic.

After a short walk back, I’m packing, showering, and hitting the sack.  LONG day tomorrow.

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