Day 2…Negativity Abundance.

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I’d really like to hear someone say what we do that’s good.  I’m so so SO tired of hearing of all the things that are wrong.  For once, PLEASE can I hear something good?  And after you fire at me all these things that are wrong and I fire back and all you say is, “I don’t know.”  Really?  That’s all you got?  You have ALL these answers to the world’s problems but mine.  I don’t know?  Then maybe, just participate, figure out the system, then try to correct it before you just start pointing fingers.


I.AM.TIRED!  Hermit is tired of being the social butterfly and having to do all this talking.  I just want to go back to my reconciliations, numbers, and spreadsheets today.  🙁

Every morning, I have the sweet nectar of the Gods….Colombian coffee!

I sit.  I read emails.  I read blogs.  I post links to parties.  I play.  It’s such a nice start of the day.  And then there’s breakfast:

I get to work and all those people are super nice and helpful.  They’re like extended family to me.  They’re here to keep the program here and continue to help.  But it seems the more we interview and generate our response, the more my counterpart just wants to point out all our faults.  I am seriously tired of getting beat up and defending our practices to one of MY team!

I know I can’t do justice to what’s going on in my head.  Part of that is because I just don’t think I can or should air my thoughts out in this venue.  I am just so frustrated with peoples grandiose plans of what SHOULD be done.

The whole day was what WE do wrong.


I just want to go back to being my hermit self and not have to deal with someone who wants to change every single little thing that we do.  There’s a reason we haven’t done that.  It’s not a great reason, but yes, there is a reason.  Some of it is our own financial constraints.  Some of it is personnel constraints.  Stop beating me up over it.  You want to change the way we do things?  Talk to the higher ups.  Stop beating me up.  I can tell you, it’s been brought up before.  And it hasn’t changed for a reason.  Or has been reverted back for a reason.


Lunch was a welcome break or so I thought…This is like fajita chicken fried rice.

It’s yummy but HUGE!  I ate about half of it.  The yellow stuff is like a habanero sauce and the red is like barbecue sauce.  It’s weird to me to have barbecue with fajita stuff.  I didn’t eat either sauce.

The afternoon was good.  We had a good talk with some key people.   I had a nice coffee break with someone I have worked with remotely for about a year?  At least he appreciates what I do…and was very complimentary.  A nice refreshing change from what I’ve had to listen to the entire time we’ve been here.  Our staffing is inadequate.  Our processes are inadequate.  Okay.  How do you think we should change that?  “I don’t know.”  Who’s going to do X or Y?  “I don’t know.”  Cause I know I don’t have a crap ton of free time!  GAH!

My only down time is in the car…on the way back to the hotel.  Where these questions and conversations are fired at someone else for a change!  I can just sit back and watch the world go by and just take in the sights, good and bad, of this city.

Again, the mountains and the trees just amaze me.  They’re gorgeous!  I am totally at a loss for words today.  I am… tired.  Exhausted.  This has been an exhausting trip.  More so than the last one.  WAY more.  And it’s not from the work that needs to be done…that’s the disheartening part for me.

So, I will leave you with a picture of my dinner.

It is Shrimp Bluebeard, or shrimp with a blue cheese Alfredo type sauce from the Fish Market.  Yes, I went there last time I was here.  So, when I saw one up the street, I wanted to go there again.  There wasn’t the blue cheese flavor you think there was.  The shrimp were perfect and grilled.  The pasta was scrumptious!   Perfectly cooked.  The sauce…silky, creamy, fabulous!  E had a tuna.  It was good.  I wasn’t in the mood for fish though.  This…was…droolworthy!  I was interested in how the shrimp with blue cheese would taste.  I will try my own version of this at home.  Stay tuned!  😉

THAT’S what I need!  My a kitchen to de-stress.  There’s SO much I miss this trip….and it’s only Tuesday.  I’m going to bed….I’m tired.

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  1. sorry the day was rough. I can't tell ya how often I want to crawl back into my shell and wait it out some where quiet and safe… hang in there.

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