Degusta Box September with Bursted Bitters

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Degusta Box September with Bursted Bitters and delicious surprises!


My September Degustabox came in with a bang this month.  It came right before we were going out of town.  I immediately opened it to see what was in there before we headed out for Winchester.  That post will be coming soon…

So, I’m opening the box and taking the items out and notice that the boxes of cookies are soaked and falling apart.  And, well, so is the cereal!  It wasn’t raining was it? No, it hadn’t rained in a few days or maybe weeks so that couldn’t be it.  Then how in the world did the contents get soaked enough to have all the cardboard fall apart?

Bursted bitters!  My bottle of Sparkling Bitters had somehow sprayed it’s contents all over the inside of the box soaking everything.  Which really sucks because I was super excited to try this with my mulled apple shrub.  Also a post to stay tuned for.  Consequently, the box sat on the counter until we returned and I tossed the pretty bottle.  The label was pretty, but I wasn’t able to try this item in my box.  I’m showing some love anyway.  Make sure to check out their site https://www.sparklingbitters.com/ to see all the flavors and where to buy some for your home bar.


The hubs has been giving me grief about taking food to work.  There’s a reason I take them to work; so I/we don’t eat them all!  While the Entenmanns Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins were very delicious, as they should be, I didn’t need to eat the whole package.  This means that I took them to work and shared them with my co-workers.  They’re moist and delicious, just like all Entenmanns products.  I’ve been eating them for decades and I haven’t had a bad one yet.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on new products and flavors.

Now the toosum Cranberry & Acai bar was definitely interesting to try.  It tasted good, but the texture was unusual for me.  I’m not used to it.  It did curb my hunger for quite a while, so that’s a good thing.  They have several different flavors.  Make sure to follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google + to see all their delicious creations.

I have not tried the Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce.  I’ve been sick since we’ve been back and just haven’t been that creative in the kitchen.  I can’t wait to try its epic flavor though.  I know something good will come from that little bottle.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to see all the creative ways to use this sauce.

Now, I would have photographed the PopCorners Carnival Kettle chips had they lasted very long.  The hubs opened them and I finished them.  They’re light, they’re flavorful, and the perfect little sweet and salt snack you’re looking for.  They’re definitely going into the basket next time I see them.  They’d be a perfect coating for French toast or fried ice cream!  Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for new flavors and ideas.


The Zollipops® Candy are very interesting.  I’m not sure how I could confirm the claim that they clean my teeth.  I’d have to leave that up to science.  I did like that they weren’t overly sweet.  I guess that would be counterproductive.  They had a nice, subtle flavor and were perfect after lunch as a little sweet snack.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for new product updates.


These BUSTANUT! MAPLE BACON FLAVORED PEANUTS & BOURBON FLAVORED PEANUTS made me laugh.  I mean, that’s an interesting name for the company and you know it’s something you’re going to remember.  I haven’t seen them in stores yet.  I’m hoping they come into the area.  The Maple Bacon flavored nuts were okay.  I got the smoke and the sweet, but just didn’t quite taste that bacon flavor.  I tried them then gave them to my co-worker to try, too.  She agreed.  They were good, mind you, but nut quite bacon the way I though they would taste.

The Bourbon flavored nuts were good.  I could totally taste the bourbon and did not share those with my co-worker.  I ate them all up and loved every bite of them.  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find new flavors and ideas on serving these nifty nuts up.


I haven’t made anything with this pan sauce packet of Rustic Ratatouille from Hak’s Paks.  It sounds good, but last week we just didn’t cook much at all.  I’ll be cooking it up with the pasta I got in the box.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for new flavors and ideas.


Of course I tried the Michel et Augustin Little Shortbread cookies.  Wouldn’t you?  Little bites of crunchy, buttery goodness after lunch? Oh yeah, baby.  I was all over those.  Since there were two packages to each box, I shared them with the hubs.  I don’t think he’s eaten his, yet.  I may have to confiscate them and eat them after lunch since he’s not interested in eating them. But we’ll see.  Follow them in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about new products and ideas.


I received Caramelised Red Onion Chutney, Luxury Lemon Curd, and Sweet Tomato & Chilli Chutney from the English Provender Co.  I have big things planned for the onion chutney.  I made a rough draft this weekend and told the hubs we’ll be having them for lunch this weekend.  Don’t care whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, but definitely one day this weekend.  SO GOOD!  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + for ideas and up to date product info.


in my head this one goes with the ratatouille sauce package I received.  I will make this Corn and Quinoa Pasta from Sam Mills together with the Hak’s Pak sauce for dinner probably next week.  I will definitely be sharing that recipe once it’s done.

And your own Degustabox?  Click on the image above and register for your own surprise food box that’s well worth it!  Each box is valued almost twice what it’s worth and these goodies are delicious!!  I can’t wait to see what next month has in store for me!

I receive this box free in exhange for my honest review of these products and this service.  All opinions are mine.

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