EPIC Father’s Day GIVEAWAY! – June 9 – 15

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This is the MOTHER of all Father’s Day Giveaways!! Seriously. A camera. A memory card. A lens. A bag. But wait! There’s more!!!

These AWESOME bloggers have gotten together to offer up a Canon Rebel T3 – an EXCELLENT 12.2 mp camera. For said camera, there’s a 18-55 zoom lens. For those in the know, that’s a perfect range for every day photography. Then there’s the 16GB SDHC memory card. Large enough to hold your bestest photos. Yes. I said BESTEST! Get over it! And an handy dandy bag to carry all your gadgets in. What more could ya want?

AND these awesome bloggers are participating, too! 26 total if I can count? If not, it’s still a crapton of bloggers who have hit the ball out of the park and assembled to honor our fathers so you can honor yours with this giveaway.

You’re right!  That IS a lot of people coming together to help make YOUR Father’s Day specatular!  It’s AH-mazing, right??  All this talent in one place and offering up such a great gift for any father.  I know MINE would LOVE this camera!  He has a small Nikon point and shoot.  Which he loves, but I know he’s love this camera for his Father’s Day gift.  Hmm…Maybe I’ll enter, too??  Uh oh…competition!  KIDDING!

So? What are you waiting for?? Enter the rafflecopter below to win this most awesome of Father’s Day Giveaway prizes!


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