Flank Steak with Warm Moroccan Spices

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Flank Steak with Warm Moroccan Spices recipe

Sunset, September 2006
Does not listen well and follow directions! *snort* So, the london broil was marinated about 30 minutes before broiling. I think it would have had more moroccan flavor had it marinated longer, but it was yummy none-the-less. I couldn’t really taste the “warm” in the dish and might up the red pepper next time we make this.
I made some couscous with the red spices my friend gave me from India…HOLY COW that stuff was spicy! I added a teaspoon to the couscous. YIKES! Apparently, the red color should have tipped me off. We will probably make this one again. It was easy and tasty!
Measuring cups and spoons

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