Flatbread Dough

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Flatbread Dough recipe
Cooking Light, July 2008

I wanted to make this recipe to go with the skillet chicken souvlaki. I wanted a flat bread to wrap the sandwiches in instead of regular pita bread which usually falls apart. So, I divided the dough into four instead of two.

I don’t think I put enough salt in the dough. It was a little on the bland side. Make sure you put the salt in or maybe add just a little more.

The dough was easy to make and didn’t take too long to proof. I rolled them out into about 10″ rounds so they would be large enough for the sandwiches. I have a baking stone, so I didn’t use a baking sheet. I didn’t cook them until crisp since I wanted them to be pliable. They didn’t brown, so don’t expect them too. I wound up cooking the first batch the allotted time in the recipe and it didn’t brown. I covered them with a clean tea towel when they came out so they would soften up.

They were pretty good and worked really well for the souvlaki. If you make them full sized, they would really good for a flatbread pizza or even a flatbread appetizer thing. Being as it was easy and didn’t take too long to prep and cook, I will probably keep these in mind when I make gyros, the souvlaki or even the pita salad.

Measuring cups and spoons
Large bowl
Baking sheet

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