#FoodieFriDIY – Green Things and Home Inspirations

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#FoodieFriDIY – Green Things and Home Inspirations

#FoodieFriDIY round up of featured posts

Okay.  I am done with the snow.  For me to say that means something.  Because I LOVE snow!  I love cold weather.  Except the cold weather that we had this past weekend.  I mean, it was like 8 and what do we do?  Hop in the car and go antiquing in Virginia.  Like, get in and out of the car, wander around cold old buildings, antique shopping.  BUT we did find some pretty good deals including a cute little washstand to put our pitcher and bowl on.  I mean, it was a STEAL, the perfect size, and in GOOD SHAPE!

How many of you are excited about St. Patrick’s Day??  I’m so Irish.  I would not turn anything green on purpose, but I do eat my fair share of corned beef and cabbage before and after St. Pat’s.  It’s MY fave food holiday next to Thanksgiving.

That being said, I have some green inspiration in my features.  I hope you like them.

Christie @ A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life Debra @ Bowl Me Over Image Map

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Here’s another set of features from the last party.



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