#FoodieFridays 29 – Ch Ch Ch Changes with a Valentine’s Day Round Up

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It has been THE WORST week.  I gotta say.  Power outages and a broken down car = unhappy kitchen hoor.  I can only hope that Monday goes smoothly and we are allowed to close on our FIRST HOUSE EVER!

The ch ch ch changes I an referring to are as follows:

    1. Name change!  We are now the Foodie Friday & DIY.  Yes, we are now accepting the DIY projects.  Previously we were trying to be just food, but some of the DIY is SUPER COOL!
    2. We have opened the Pinterest board to invite all you nice linkers to pin to the board, too!!  So, now it’s not just us pinning your awesome recipes and ideas, but you can pin there too, with a few rules, of course.  If you’d like an invite, please send an email to Michelle to dishofdailylife@gmail.com Requesting Invite – Foodie Fridays and DIY Group Board.
    3. An enhanced Features and Favorites board.  Not only are we posting our features, but also our favorites.  Some of us, myself included, do a round up of recipes for the features.  Well, that leaves out our faves.  So, we’re posting those there, too.
    4. We have a FACEBOOK GROUP!  I know!  That’s awesome!!  This group is for those who are committed to helping each other grow.  We are currently accepting members, so, make sure to check with Michelle for an invite to the group.
    5. And…WE CLOSE OUR HOUSE NEXT WEEK!  I hope, at least. I haven’t heard from the loan coordinator yet, but we skipped Christmas so we wouldn’t have anything questionable on our credit.

To help this fabulous party grow, please place a button on your sidebar or somewhere in your link up post so people can see that you’re partying with us at #FoodieFridays.





Make sure you follow the #FoodieFriday Pinterest board and see all the tasty recipes that have been linked up to this party so far.  It currently has over 2500 followers.  That’s some pretty good exposure for your tasty recipes or food creations.

Follow A Dish of Daily Life / Michelle Nahom’s board Foodie Fridays on Pinterest.

Visit A Dish of Daily Life / Michelle Nahom’s profile on Pinterest.

Visit Mila Furman’s profile on Pinterest.

Visit Petro Neagu @The Seaman Mom’s profile on Pinterest.

Visit A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures – Christie Campbell’s profile on Pinterest.

Visit Christine B’s profile on Pinterest.



So, make sure you stop by their blogs, check out their boards, and see who they featured this week.
And also new is the Foodie Fridays features board!!  All the recipes we feature from last week on will be pinned to this board.  There are some awesome and tasty recipes there!!  You should follow it!!  And now, on to my features from last week!!




And now…on to the party!


This is a food party…please make sure you link up a delicious food recipe.  By linking up to #FoodieFridays, you give our hosts permission to use your photos in features and/or roundups. You will of course be credited with a link to your blog or a specific post featured. By linking up with us, you also agree to be notified of future link parties.


While we love repeat performances, we LOVE to see the new deliciousness you’ve been whipping up in your kitchen.  Please make sure to link up a new link each week.  Also, if you show some love I’ll return the favor; meaning, comment and I’ll promote your links on social media.

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  1. Power outages + a broken-down car? Talk about being dogpiled. Oh well, at least you've managed to crawl out of that particular bind, enough to show us some good eats, and even more determination to keep that up in the future. The car can be taken cared of, anyways, and whipped back into shape in no time. Thanks for sharing that, Christie! More power to you!

    Cayla Maggio @ Nowthen Transmission Service

  2. Thanks for hosting! Congratulations on the new house! It's always exciting to move into your first house.

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