#FoodieFriDIY #64 – Stuffed Mushrooms, Apples, Tarts, and Cleaning

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#FoodieFriDIY #64 – Stuffed Mushrooms, Apples, Tarts, and Cleaning

#FoodieFriDIY -Featuring Fun Treats and Cool Eats

Ugh.  Is it just me or is September taking FOREVER!?!?!?  Maybe it’s because this has been the most labor intensive fiscal year close our office has gone through.  I, like you, would like things to be perfect, but unfortunately, this office cannot do perfect.  There are too many moving parts and things out of our control to make everything perfect.  Because you see, annoying person, once you have it perfect, one of things outside of your control  happens and it’s no longer perfect.  And now, it’s too late to correct the imperfection.  *sigh*
And then the hubs is going through the ringer with his new crew of managers where he works.  They all seem to want to prove their worth by annoying the hell outta him.  Um, you’re not the first person to think of that.  He has actually thought of it but since it costs money, and you don’t want to spend it, please stop.  Just…stop.  And while he’d like to make the place more secure, they’re too busy receiving and running packages to YOUR customers, checking lost an found, making keys for your employees that have either lost them or damaged them to actually DO the security job he and his crew are supposed to do and would LOVE to be able to do.  *sigh*
It’ s just been a bad week on the personal front.  But it’s been a STELLAR week on the blog front!  I was accepted into Social Fabric!  I have been selected for not one, not two, but THREE Sunday Supper Movement campaigns!!  This self hosting thing is finally working out and will be paying for itself!  To include a move to a new domain.  I’m still just not happy with the CS peeps during the 9 hour shut down, then the idjit I spoke to on the phone who seemed surprised that my posts should go to the home page.  Um…what’s the point of a home page if the blog posts aren’t going there?  Hello?  Now, with these lovely campaigns and the Linqia ones I’m participating in here and here, I can move on to a more suitable site host.  Lots of new and exciting things going on with AKHA!

So, what new and exciting things are going on with y’all??  I am SUPER excited for the colder weather, the talegating recipes, and apples!  Whatcha got to share this week?  I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.


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