#FoodieFriDIY 81 – New Faces and More Valentine’s Inspiration

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#FoodieFriDIY 81 – New Faces and More Valentine’s Inspiration

#FoodieFriDIY 81 - New Faces and More Valentine's Inspiration

So, you guys.  We have a new member to the team.  Meet Debra from Bowl Me Over.  Starting today, she’s going to be hosting the part with Michelle and me.  She’s the sweetest and I hope she grows and helps grow this party.

Finally, after two weeks of warm weather, almost all of the snow is gone.  The larger piles from shopping center parking lots are still there, but not as tall as they used to be.  We finally found the cap to the balcony post that was knocked off while the hubs was shoveling the balcony.  Those on Periscope might have seen that vid.  I can’t find the link to share it with ya.

Anyway, are y’all ready for Valentine’s Day?  I’m so not.  I’m thinking I’m going to have some super fresh seafood shipped in and cook for the hubs.  He’s always saying how seafood here sucks.  It does, but seriously.  This isn’t Florida.  Stop trying to compare it to Florida, please?

Anyway, if you were snowed in like I was you might have some super awesome DIY and recipes to share with us.  I can’t wait to see what you whipped up this week.

Christie @ A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life Debra @ Bowl Me Over Image Map

Here’s the FoodieFriDIY boards here:

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BEST Home and DIY

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Here’s another set of features from the last party.

#FoodieFriDIY 81 - New Faces and More Valentine's Inspiration


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