#FoodieFriDIY – Tantilizing Taters

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*insert small DIY rant*

So, we’re still blind-less on the main floor and downstairs.  The special order blinds that pre-paid – remember this for later – were not in yet.  The order said Saturday.  We get up Saturday and pick up our mail (there’s another story there….) and then head to Home Depot to pick up our blinds.

Um, there here, but there’s no one in receiving and it appears as if the box was opened and the hardware was remove.  I’m sorry, what did you just say?  The box was opened and the hardware is missing.

Okay, just because they’re in your receiving and you haven’t physically given them to us yet doesn’t mean they’re yours.  We PRE-PAID for those buggers!  They’re ours.  We would have had them shipped to the house had we actually felt comfortable receiving mail at the house.  So, someone stole the hardware out of OUR package of special order blinds and now we have to wait another week to get new hardware for our blinds.  Believe me when I say words will be had.

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Okay, enough talk!  Let’s get to the party!!

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It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day.  This means I’m always thinking about my roots.  Those roots include….


So, this week I’m featuring recipes with potatoes from last week.  I could honestly eat my weight in those buggers.  Honestly.  And I wonder why I have weight issues.  *snort*

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  1. thanks for the party Christie and everyone! So sorry your move is frustrating! That is something to vent about for sure!! Just know that in 6 months you probably won't ever think of it again 🙂

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