#FoodiePenpals Reveal Day – Fall Style from @Lecki10

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FPP post Foodie Penpals

I love this program. I mean, who doesn’t love getting food in the mail? Who doesn’t love getting packages full of tasty goodness?? Anyone that says, “I don’t” get just get off my blog. JK! LOL Or am I???


I was paired with Elizabeth Piasecki, a hottie who blogs over at Rose Gold Buttercream.  I gotta tell ya, all these RDs and healthy peeps make this heffer a little nervous about sending packages of food porn to them.  Well, Elizabeth is a certified group fitness instructor.  I like to hike.  I think I’d like to work out more if it didn’t hurt so damn much!  Not like the good hurt either.


I sent some home made nibbles to Elizabeth.




I also make some home made spice blends.  I’m really getting into that lately.


And, I receive some tasty nibbles in return!!  There was a Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread/Muffin Mix and a jar of pumpkin butter.  Which I’ve already made into pumpkin bread, that my co-workers have devoured.



Being the low fat person that I am, I used the pumpkin butter to make the bread with, added some egg substitute and voila!  Delicious pumpkin bread!!  I’ll have to see if I can find that mix in my own Trader Joe’s.  It was really tasty, pumpkin-y, and spicy good!


And then there was sunflower seed butter and some nice fall spiced herbal tea, which I will probably take with me to Bosnia.  The tea, not the sunflower seed butter.



The sunflower seed butter is usually something I dip my celery sticks in periodically.  Just a little but at a time.  This jar will probably last me quite a few months.  Everything in moderation for this heffer…just sayin.


Thank you, Elizabeth, for all my tasty nibbles in this month’s Foodie PenPals box.  I can’t wait to find out what the next one will have in store for me!  YAY!


Want to join in on the fun?  Want to receive some tasty tidbits for you to try while you blog?  Sign up below!


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