Fresh Whole-Wheat Pitas

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Fresh Whole-Wheat Pitas recipe
Cooking Light, March 2009

These were bland. I’m not sure if I put in the right amount of salt. I think I did, but they were really bland and needed more.

The dough was easy to make and proof. It was a little on the sticky side even after proofing so I had to use quite a bit of bench flour to keep them from sticking to the rolling pin.

I had never tried or used Greek yogurt before. If you haven’t tried it, it’s thick like sour cream and kind of has a tang like sour cream. To me, it was like mixing yogurt cheese with sour cream. It had a thick consistency of yogurt cheese with the tang of sour cream. Note to self, make sure the container isn’t open when you drop it on the floor! O M G that stuff flew EVERYWHERE and I didn’t realize how much came out until this morning. I thought I had cleaned it up last night after it happened, but this morning I saw white spots all over the counter.

The swelled up REALLY PUFFY! I was surprised! I may have over cooked them as they didn’t really deflate much after they cooled. I wrapped them in a clean tea towel to try and soften them up. I wanted to try this recipe when I saw it in the magazine and thought the souvlaki recipe would be a good reason to make them.

We wound up using the flatbread dough recipe for the sandwiches. Pita bread just seems to fall apart when I make a sandwich with them. Next time, I may just make 4 rounds and roll them out slightly thicker so they don’t crumble when I fill them with fixings. I froze most of them and left a few in the fridge to have with some tuna salad or as a side with the left over soulaki for lunch.

Measuring cups and spoons
Large mixing bowl
Rolling pin
Sheet pan

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