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Today is the last day for #FreshTastyValentines.  I’m so sad it’s over.  It went by so quickly!!  I just can’t believe it.  I also can’t believe some of the amazing recipes that these 22 bloggers have offered up as inspiration for you to cook some healthy eats for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.  
I know I wasn’t able to get to all the lovely items the sponsors sent me (thanks, SNOWZILLA).  So, I just wanted to give a shout out to them and let them know that I will make sure to share the recipes I make with their delicious products!!
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi – I made a red wine braised brisket in my slow cooker with your delicious wine!  It was AMAZING!  I’ll have to make it again because the photos didn’t come out that great…and, well, we were HUNGRY when we got home.  Hey!  It happens!
T.Lish Dressings
T. Lish – Your dressings are amazing!  I had totally planned on making some Sweet Garlic glazed wings, but couldn’t find any wings yesterday that weren’t frozen.  Stay tuned for those and some chipotle chicken tacos.
BenBella Vegan – Sorry!  I haven’t taken a picture of the book Dining at the Ravens which looks AMAZING!  Ya had my hubs worried a little.; he thought we were going vegan.  Sorry.  I can’t do that.  BUT I will definitely be making recipes from this book on our #MeatlessMonday meals.  I need inspiration and these recipes with the gorgeous photos are definitely inspiring!  I’m seeing those black-eyed pea cakes in the appetizer section on larger buns for dinner!  Yum!
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines
Casabella – Those shears and garlic roaster are awesome!  I always use shears to cut my herbs and now I don’t have to worry about cross contamination because I have green sheers JUST for herbs!  And that garlic roaster?  I’m seeing some roasted garlic artichoke pasta with chicken in my future!  Just sayin…

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