Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

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Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

They should call this PB Crack Pie.  I could eat just the filling with a spoon.  I didn’t add any of the Reese’s minis that it calls for.  I wonder if you could just melt some chocolate in the bottom of a pie pan and pour this filling in on top?  I’m not sure I liked the graham cracker crumb crust with this pie.  Maybe pour melted chocolate into the bottom before pouring the filling in?  *shrugs*
This was so light.  Sooooooooooo yummy!!  Tasty, quick, easy, cheap.  With the FF Cool Whip and RF PB it’s pretty points friendly (calorie) friendly.  I used the WalMart store brand RF PB and it was pretty good.  Maybe a little thicker and had to add more milk to thin it a little more, but it was pretty good PB.
Some recipes I’ve seen called for powdered sugar.  This would make a paste with the PB and you’d have to add more milk to the mix.  I liked the regular sugar in this one.  You could even use Splenda if ya wanted.
YUMM-MY!!  Easy!!  Cheap!!  Making again!!

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