Garlic Fries

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Garlic Fries

Cooking Light, SEPTEMBER 2007
I just gotta say 3 pounds of potatoes makes a LOT of fries! I only used about 2 pounds and we had PLENTY! I also didn’t read the recipe…50 minutes!! HOLY! Needless to say, we ate late last night.
For once, I have to say, there was too much garlic! I can’t believe I just said that. I would cut back on the garlic. It was strange to toss the fries in the garlic butter mixture. I may try tossing them with some garlic salt when they come out of the oven instead. I don’t think the parsley did much to enhance the flavor, either. They were mighty tasty just the way they were right out of the oven! I might meld the Rosemary Potato Wedges with this one and coat the fries with rosemary and garlic during cooking next time.
Cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
Two large baking sheets
Large nonstick skillet

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