Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.0

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I miss my kitchen.  I don’t understand how people can live like this!!  I long for the feel of a knife in my hand, the smells of something baking in the oven.  *sigh*  But most of all I miss S and our furbaby!  *pout*

Being as I know what I eat for dinner is probably not something lowfat and low cal, I have been eating breakfasts like this:

Yes, I believe that is Fiber One olde skool.  But I am LOVING the variety of fresh fruits for breakfast.  I would eat like this all the time if I could afford to!  That weird thing on the right is I believe passion fruit?  It’s weird, but tasty.  The stuff in the front tasted like blue cheese.  Yeah, not gonna eat that again.  Then there’s mango, pinapple and kiwi.  FAB-ULOUS!  Not sure what that other thing is, but it was weird.

So Wednesday was Min Mal.

Ours, is an exercise of gastronomic research-creation with the resources from
Colombian geography, which is nurtured with the respect and appreciation we
have for diversity and cultural traditions in our country and which seeks to
point out the unnoticed value of living in one of most diverse countries over the

planet and the possibility of enjoying a human landscape so full of shades.

Our host on this tour immediately ordered guayaba ritas for all of us.  Mine had sugar around the rim.  It was good, but too strong for me.  I don’t think I like guayaba…and I never thought I’d find a cheese I didn’t really like, but I did.  I told you I’m really sensitive to salt right?  Yeah, well this cheese was like pure salt!  Those not as sensitive to it would probably like it.  I didn’t really like it, but I tried it!

This is Pica Pica Pica which is salty cheese, pickled chilles and cherry tomatoes.  You eat it all in one big bite.  The tomatoes did offset some of the saltiness of the cheese.  According to our server, this cheese, is typical of this region and there are three types of cheese based on what part of the coast they are on or something like that.  I didn’t really understand what he was saying..

Main course was Pollo Enchichao.  “Chicha” is a fermented corn beverage of indigenous tradition, typical from the Andes.  The chicken is marinated in the chicha then sauteed in a chicha glaze.  This is served over golden potato mash.  There is a side salad with carrot curls, fresh greens, and topped with a sweet beet vinaigrette.  If it weren’t for the cilantro, I would have enjoyed this more.  Not sure I read that on the menu, but there was cilantro on top of the chicken and in the salad.  I tried to scrape off the cilantro on the chicken.  I’m used to it…

L had ribs that she said were delicious.  We saw many dishes at the next table that look drool worthy.  I like the idea of the restaurant.  I would probably go back if I lived here.  Sometimes there are just too many ingredients and the dish becomes too complex to taste the flavors IN said dish.  I could easily taste the chicken, the salad and the beet dressing, the mashed potatoes.  Each element was flavorful and simplistic.

After dragging my butt into the hotel room, I see these:

He sent me flowers so that each day while I was away, I would be reminded that they miss me and love me.  How sweet is that?  They’re just gorgeous and I have the most wonderful man!

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