Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.1

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At some point, I will get to photograph the mountains.  Hopefully this weekend I can see them.  It’s rained every day this week.  *sigh*  Speaking of which…

We had a meeting at 1.  Neither of us had lunch by the time the meeting rolled around and this woman just wanted to explain everything in detail…from a large binder…full of MANY papers.  *bangs head on desk*  So, we were STAHVING when we left.  We headed to Crepes and Waffles.  L was telling me about the last time they were here and got caught under the awning of Crepes and Waffles when a big storm came through.  Yup…you guessed it.  It rained…again….while we were there…eating lunch.

I ordered the chicken and mushroom crepe with cheese.  O M G  I WILL be recreating this when I get home.  It was this silky, fabulous cream sauce on top of the savory crepe filled with tender, juicy chicken.  It was drool worthy.  AND HUGE!  I have half in the fridge for lunch next week.  L ordered an egg, ham and cheese crepe.  They come with a salad bar, so I had some salad.

Everything was in water.  I’ve never seen that before.  The lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, almost everything was in water on the salad bar.  Weird.  So, after the rain passed over, the mountains came out!  YIPEE!  However, you can’t take photographs where I am.  So, I have to wait until we leave and HOPE that they’re still out.

There they are!  LOL  Of course, it’s still raining a bit.  We were on our way to Carullo (the really good grocery store…) and stopped at a light.  I captured this and:

This.  I honestly don’t think I would EVER get used to seeing such huge mountains so close.  I mean, they’re HUGE, and there’s a bunch and they’re SO CLOSE!!  I can’t wait to actually SEE the city this weekend.  I’m like a bobblehead…looking left, right, up down.  Just taking it all in.

Every evening, the hotel decorates the foyer.  The most spectacular arrangements of light and flowers.  Tonight it was:

I’m not sure what the purple stuff is.  It’s pretty common in some mixed flower arrangements in the stores at home.  The blue in the background?  HUGE hydrangeas!  EVERYTHING is huge here.  The calla lillies?  DISH PLATES!  And they’re growing in people’s back yards!!  GORGEOUS!  But back to food…

Dinner with with P at the Fish Market tonight.  The man can talk, that’s for sure!  The restaurant is within walking distance of his gorgeous apartment.  We met his wife and daughter before heading to dinner.

Can I just say, I’ve probably drank more alcohol this week than I have this month.  Well, maybe not THIS month because it’s only the beginning of February, but you get the idea.  Wine with dinner, rita with dinner, beer with dinner.  I just don’t hold it well, either.  I have little tolerance for it.  LOL

Oh yeah…Fish Market Fragata.  P ordered a bunch of ceviche for us to nibble on.  OMG they were fabulous!

I don’t know what he ordered.  The top left was a mayonaise type sauce and was my FAVORITE!  It was tasty and creamy.  Top right was FULL of cilantro so I didn’t taste it.  Bottom left was Peruano I think?  And the bottom right is the Costeno one with tomato.  Three of the four had cilantro, so it was difficult to taste the shrimp without a mouthful of it.  LOL  I like the tomato one, too.  The other two were okay.  And, well, I could faceplant in the plantain chips.  I told P this, too.  He said, “Please don’t.”  *snort*

I ordered the Langoustino Fragata which is a curry based, tamarind sauce.  It was excellent!  The curry was just a hint and not overpowering like it would have been had I ordered curry shrimp.

It came with arroz con coco (coconut rice) but it’s not like shredded coconut coconut rice.  It was sweeter than I’ve had it and had these crumchy bits in it.  It’s like Peruvian coconut rice.  There was a mashed and fried plantain on top.  That was bit sweeter and less crunchy than I thought.

The shrimp were sweet and soooooooooooo tasty!!  Combining all of the elements on the plate into one bite was just amazing.  The richness of the curry sauce, tender shrimp, crunchy sweet rice, and the plantain.  YUM!  Apparently, there’s several in the area.  I’m only guessing cause I don’t read much Spanish…

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