Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.2

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Today I’m on my own for lunch and dinner.  L flew to Miami and A and D don’t fly in until Sunday.  True to my hermit self, I work through lunch and just get a sammy from the shop in the cafeteria.

I ordered roast beef on pan winzer.  Not a clue what pan winzer is…I think it was like a wheat bread?  I honestly couldn’t really taste much of it.  The mustard was too spicy.  LOL.  Now, I’m not sure you can see in this picture, but this was not deli roast beef like I’m used it.  It’s thicker than the deli counters at home.  It was a nice change…more like I had cooked it at home and would slice for sammies.  Yes, those are plantain chips…again.  THEY.ARE.CRACK!  If you haven’t tried them, DON’T!  You will be addicted, too.

I am in a bubble here.  I don’t want to pop it.  I don’t want to push it too far so that it does pop.  I mean…let’s be realistic here.  I’m like whiter than white with my long, curly blonde hair.  I shouldn’t push that bubble so it pops and I’m no longer in my protective bubble in this strange city where (insert Emmy winning dramatic speach here) people are kidnapped and trafficked.  I’d bring TOP DOLLAR or pesos….me with my whiter than white skin, blonde curly hair, and green eyes.

So, dinner was across the street at Agadon.  I can’t seem to find their website right now if they even have one.  There was a sign that said 7 restaurants?  I think it’s part of a corporate group of restaurants?  La Brasserie (which is next door) was also on the list?  *shrugs*  I walked down to La Brassserie, but it was Friday night, I was in jeans and sneakers, and just wasn’t feeling up to it.  Oh yeah….all restaurants don’t open until 7 for dinner.  Have I said this before?  I’m soooo not used to eating that late.  Even if I eat a late lunch, I’m still STARVING for dinner.

Agadon was like going to a fancy diner in the US.  There was American food like onion rings, burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc etc.  It was funny to see the uniform for the wait staff included black Chuck Taylors.  LOL  I love how all the outdoor seeting had heaters.  We sat outside at the Fish Market and there were these obelisks of heat keeping us warm and toasty.  The same thing here.  There was heaters above me on the wall keeping me toasty in the cool, night, air.  they also had kitchy, open bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

I had a Monerserrate Rojo:

It was like an IPA, which I’m okay with, but it’s not my favorite.  Towards the end of the cerveza, it was a little more bitter than I’m used to, but I did drink it.  I could feel the affects and understand why J said what he did about drinking and driving.  In the US, our beer is more water than beer.  THIS was not like that at all!  I’m a light weight, but I am still fine after one beer.  This one was like having 3 beers at home.

They offer me the menu in English, but I have too much fun trying to figure out te menu in Spanish.  It can also make for more adventurous eating.  *snort*  I had Ensalada de Queso de Cabra.  Yup!  Goat cheese salad!  It was a frisee salad with a light vinaigrette and a half of a caramelized pear.  Then there’s melba toast type crisps and then the creamy, tasty, slightly crunchy due to the sear, goat cheese that was sitting on top of a beet syrup that was TO.DIE.FOR!

Yeah yeah….I know what you’re thinking.  “Beets?  Really?  Good?  Can’t happen!”  Seriously, the two times I’ve had beets here, they were NOTHING like home.  They taste like dirt at home.  At least that’s my experience with them.  I haven’t had fresh ones, though.  Maybe that’s my problem.  BUT even the pickled ones here on the salad bar didn’t taste like that.  I WILL find fresh beets and try cooking with them when I get back to the kitchen…that I miss so much.  *sigh*  But not as much as S.

*insert brief interlude about homesickness*  Seriously, I am.  I see the dog that sniffs all the cars that enter the parking garage and just need a good dose of slobbering and scratches.  But is it okay to give working dogs ear scratches and belly rubs?  I see my flowers that S sent me and just want to be home…sitting on my couch, watching a movie or even TV.  It’s all well and good to be here with my gastronimique tour of Colombia, but man what I wouldn’t give for my own laptop and English TV.

Okay, since the salad was light and “healthy”…actually I ordered the salad because they had sticky toffee pudding on the menu and I had to try it!  Now this is something I WILL be making when I get home, but a lightened version, of course.

I don’t know what it is about the ice cream but OMG it’s O-gasmic.  They brought it the table and poured the toffee sauce over the top.  NOMNOMNOM!  And yes, they did look at me like I was crazy when I took my photos.  LOL  And now it’s time to put some dry clothes on (more on that later) and head out for dinner.  Maybe I’ll try a burger this time?

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