Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.5

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Dinner?  I went to the cevicheria up the street.  Wow.  I’m slacking.  I will need to look that up tonight when I head out for dinner.  It was interesting.  The waiter didn’t speak English.  And my Spanglish isn’t so great sometimes.  He asked me something at one point and all I recognized was trabajando.  Or at least it was something similar to that.  Correction my Spanglish is downright horrible….

I ordered a mojito.  Yeah.  I was by myself and STILL ordered a drink.  What is wrong with me?  Well, I don’t sleep so good when I’m not snuggled next to S.  *sigh*  Whom I miss HORRIBLY!  I just try to focus on my work so I don’t miss him so much, but that doesn’t work when I sit here…typing away…about how much I miss him.  Yeah, that’s not so productive.

Anyway, they brought arepas to the table, which is a Colombian traditional dish, but I’ve never seemed to have since I’ve been here.  They were good.  The salsa, not so much.  Yup!  Cilantro!  They also served it with mantiquillo (butter).  That was interesting, but gooooooooooooood!

I did save two and eat them with my langostinos that…O M G TO DIE FOR!  It was a simple dish of shrimp with garlic and peppers, but the richness of the sauce and the flavor of the shrimp.  HOLY SUCCULENT SWEETNESS!

I ate each bite slowly.  Savouring every little bite….and the arepas with the peppers and sauce?  W O W!  This is another one that I will try to recreate at home.  I’m assuming there’s some cream in the sauce with as…heh…creamy as it was.  *snort*

I’m starting to seriously slack on the pics though.  I got tres leches and didn’t photograph it.  I devoured it’s moist and creamy goodness without evidence!  LOL  I hadn’t heard from A or D so I went ahead to dinner.  Which is good, as they got in at the same time I did the first night.  10 or so.

And can I just say, YES!  Some semblance of normal has returned!  A, my boss, is a morning person.  We were picked up at 7:30 this morning.  THANK GOD for morning people!!  Those late morning, late nights….were KILLING ME!  It didn’t matter what time I went to sleep.  my body was waking up at 5 anyway.  I forced it to sleep at least another hour and up at 6:15 or so.  Otherwise, I was bored before work.  Yeah…like that’s a good thing to be; bored before work.  *sigh*

A wanted Crepes and Waffles.  He’s been here before.  D was like, “Crepes?  Do they have something other than crepes?”  Me, “They have savory crepes.  Trust me it’s good.”  He’s a believer now.  How can you live life and not know there are savory crepes?  Really?  What’s the address to your rock?  You live up the street from an infamous pie company that offers savory pies and you can’t think outside of the box of savory crepes?  Um…wow.  I just sounded like a foodie snob.  *crawls back under hermit rock*

For some reason, I wanted curry this time.  And, as usual, it was FABULOUS!

HUGE chunks of chicken with a delicious, creamy curry sauce.  I didn’t take a pic of it on my plate.  I photographed the left overs when I got back to the room.  Y’see?  I *AM* a blogger slacker!  I’m just done with being here.  I’m tired.  I want to go home!  *collapses to floor in 2 year old hissy fit*

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