Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.6

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I’m tired…downright exhausted, actually.  The work isn’t easy.  The late nights and early mornings are tiring.  The simple fact that I don’t sleep well at night cause I miss S is the worst!  I toss…I turn…I wake up frequently cause I’m just not comfortable!  *pout*

So, today was a really long one.  I think I’m totally cross-eyed from making this workbook for them to use.  I keep getting lost and forgetting where I left off.  I get distracted easily…Oh!  Shinies!  *snort*  Consolidating three sheets into one…wait, it’s four.  And neither are all in the same format.  So, I have to hand link.  Wait…I’m losing you aren’t I?  Too much spreadsheet talk?  Okay.

So A has a friend that lives here.  He was going to meet his friend for drinks and invited us to go with.  I wasn’t really up to coming out of my hermit shell, but I thought what the heck!  Except, A wasn’t in the lobby.  So I headed to Bogota Beer Company.  I honestly can’t remember what I ordered.  *runs off to check website*  It was the Candalaria Clasica.  It was very much like an IPA…which was okay.

I didn´t want to eat too much.  I have been doing too much of that this last week.  And I SERIOUSLY thought I was going that last week.  Oh well.  So I ordered an appy.  Mini Hamburgeusas.

I think I was more interested in the rolls than the beef.  They were nice little crusty ciabatta style rolls.  The fries, which you can´t really see, are hand cut…into potato slabs…with a knife.  Not hand cut like we think where they use that little kitchen gadget to cut them.  It was rather interesting.  I was digging the ketchup for some reason.  I don´t think it was Heinz.  It had a little kick to it.

Anyway, so as I am sitting there, A walks in with his friend.  Oh goodie…now hermit has to be social again.  Hermit is a little tired of being social.  Not that everyone I’ve met on this trip hasn’t been just delightful, it’s just that…well…I’m hermit!  I don’t talk to people…

So, it was interesting to hear them talk about the Halo Trust and about their work in Colombia clearing mines from mine fields so that land may be used for other more productive things like, farming, housing, etc.  Then it was politics.  I hate politics….with a passion.  I think I got seriously burned when that fiasco with USDA occurred that put my dad in this crap position…like a nursing home for senior peeps they don’t know what to do with but don’t want them to do anything else right now?  I dunno.  Anyway, I just have a cynical view of politicians and haven’t really been happy with anyone for…maybe ever.  *shrugs and puts soap box away*

A had empanadas, but not empanadas like we know them.  They were like more like fritters than empanadas.  I didn’t taste them, but he agreed with my summation of what they tasted like.  His friend had like tostadas but they were made with plantains?  And then there was shredded chicken and beef to top them with.  They looked really interesting and crispy.  I may see if I can find a recipe for those things.  They just looked too interesting.

So, two beers later, and much chatting, it was time to go.  Thankfully!  Not that I didn’t enjoy chatting with them…but…  *ahem*  Need I say it again?  No?  Good!  So A and I walk  back to the hotel and I spend the rest of the night reading my growing blog roll and then hit the much needed sack.

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