Gastronomique Tour de Colombia v2.7

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I miss popcorn.  Not that they don’t have it here, I just miss the way I make it…in my kitchen….with my S and my M.  I miss when I do something good or if something bad happens at work, I miss that I can’t immediately tell S.  I have to pick the text messages to send…or else the phone bill will be astronomical!

Three days….three more days.  At least it’s been a productive two weeks.  I’ve FINALLY gotten a good, working workbook for them to build on.  Now, I just need to show them how to use it with what they already have.  Then, I’ll probably get some emails asking for tweaking.  I’m sure there’s probably going to be a follow up trip.  And I get the idea that this is the first of many trips to post to help FMO.


Crepes and Waffles again today…I was all over the cheese for some reason today.  It was really good!

Pollo Mexicana.  The crepe had cheese inside…and strips of cheese on top…and delicious Mexican, shredded chicken.  It was excellent!!  It was the first where I ate most of it and didn’t grab a take home box.  At least this time it didn’t rain while we were there.  It actually was quite nice and warm!  I thawed out from the conference room I’ve been living in the last two weeks.  But as we were leaving…

There’s so much I’m getting tired of…and the constant afternoon rain is just one of them.  Every afternoon!  So, no sight seeing in the two weeks I’ve been here.  You’d think…ONE day would be a good one to take pictures, but no.  *sigh*
I’m tired.  I don’t want to do anything but get a burger across the street and hit the sack early.  So that’s just what I did.  I had a beer.
or two.  It was pretty good.  So fat, the few that I’ve had are more like IPAs than anything else.  This one was a bit fruitier than the other one and not as bitter, which is why I had two.
I asked the waitress for a special that apparently they didn’t have any more.  So I asked her what she would eat.  Ranch burger.  Okay!  I didn’t even read the description.  What size?  You mean there’s a size choice?  150g or 250g?  Um…150 please.  I’m thinking, ranch dressing, cheese, bacon?  I don’t know.  I’m just sitting there taking the sights in.  Watching people, traffic, whatever.  Just chillin.
I love how even though it’s pretty much a burger joint, they still serve you like it is fine dining.  Change the silverware, pour your beer, refill your glass, move the condiments out of the way.  It’s always interesting to see how the servers serve you.
So, the ranch burger is cheese, bacon and a chipotle sweet barbecue sauce.  It was excellent!  It was a small enough burger so I wasn’t stuffed.  The fries were so crispy and tasty!  I think I ate them all.  No dessert for me this time!  I have not had a bad meal.  Granted, it was only two meals, but neither of which were a disappointment.  The menu looks excellent and has a nice range of food, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed on what to order.
Oh well, time to hit the sack for the night…  hasta manana!

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