Grilled Lemon-Bay Shrimp

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Grilled Lemon-Bay Shrimp recipe

Cooking Light, August 2004
Yeah, still couldn’t find the skewers. *sigh* I’ll have to get some today, though. I had anticipated finding them last night, so I soaked all the bay leaves I had which was okay. I used them in the pot when I boiled the shrimp. Best of intentions…
So, I peeled the shrimp and started a pot with the bay leaves and the water they were soaking in, lemon slices, and chicken broth. Yes, chicken broth. O M G they were the most tasty shrimp I have EVAH eaten!! I thought the chili flakes would make them a little spicy, but it didn’t. You might want to add more to the marinade if you want them a little more spicy. We served them with caesar salad.
Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board
Skewers (if you have them)
Grill, grill pan or broiler

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