Grilling Up Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

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Grilling Up Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for summer barbecues and back yard parties.

#SundaySupper is Grilling Up Hamburgers and Hotdogs

Hamburgers and hot dogs are as American as apple pie and Buffalo wings.  While all of these probably originated in other countries, but were altered, adjusted, and morphed into the popular meals we have today as people emigrated to the United States.

While there’s no dispute that frankfurters originated in Germany.  However, Americans have made the hot dog the epic icon it is today.  And hamburgers?  Whether your team Texas or team White Castle, the hamburger is synonymous with American culture.

I am celebrating all things hamburger and hot dog!!  From guacamole burgers to cheeseburger dip and from terimayo dog to dessert hamburgers and hot dogs we have got you covered!!  This group has pulled out all the stops and are bringing the most creative selection of hamburger and hot dogs recipes you’ll ever find.  So, please join us this Sunday for an EPIC event; Hamburgers and Hot Dogs!!

Thank you to Grumpy’s Honeybunch and Lemoine Family Kitchen for their hot dog pictures.

All American Burgers & Dogs

Cluck Burgers

Worldly Burgers & Dogs

Where’s the Beef Burgers

Where’s the Bun Burger

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