Guess who’s featured on My Recipe Magic this week? THIS PERSON!

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Okay.   Have  y’all seen the site, My Recipe Magic?  Yes?  No?  For those that have said, “No” shame on you!  It is an AMAZING website!  You can post recipes, search recipes, make cookbooks of recipes, creating shopping lists from recipes, see the nutritional information of a recipe, earn extra income FROM your recipes, and generate traffic to your website to have people see more of your recipes.  Basically, you can pretty much do anything on, for or about recipes on their site.


And, guess who’s spotlighted on MRM this week?  *takes thumbs and points to self*  THIS PERSON!

Yup!  I have 16 pages of recipes on their website.  Yes, I had to scroll back through to see when I posted my first recipe.  It was March of last year.  It seems like I’ve been using it forever!  It’s so easy to use!!  You should go there now and create an account.  I’ll wait because it won’t take too long.  *whistling*  See?  Wasn’t that easy??  Did you see all those recipes on the dahsboard?  Yummy, right?  I KNOW!
Almost all of my recipes have an
MRM button so you can view the recipe there, and view other recipes I’ve posted on MRM.  All 16 pages worth… just saying.

It is extremely easy to post a recipe!  It takes me about 2 or 3 minutes to post a recipe on their site.  You can either show the whole recipe, or just a teaser and direct people to see the full recipe on your website.  You can also link to inspiring posts or recipes if you’ve altered or morphed a recipe.  I’ve done that with some of my SRC recipe creations.  I like to give credit where it’s due.

Once I’ve posted a recipe, I usually pin it to my boards, which drives traffic to my Pinterest, my MRM page, and my blog.  You see how this is going?  I tweet the pins, post on Google+ or Facebook.  It all drives traffic to MRM and my blog.  It is an amazing promotional tool for ANY blogger.  Not only does your recipe and your blog get viewed by the general public, but also by some of the best bloggers in the community, and promoters!  Why wouldn’t you go to ONE site to find the best of the best to promote your products?



Now, my MRM button in my post and on my side bar is more than just a pretty face.  It has a purpose.  It takes you to that recipe on the MRM site, and since you’ve visited my recipe on their website, I receive money from the shared revenues for you visiting my profile on MRM.  It’s a win/win.  Readers go to my blog from their site and vice versa.  We’re both helping each other out!  Like I said.  Win/Win.

And for logging in, loading a recipe, and other such activity you can earn points for purchases, gift cards, raffles, etc.  So, it’s a win/win in more than one respect.

Okay, here’s the FAQ:

How long does it take to enter a recipe?
There is a bit of a learning curve, but after the first 5 or so, I could easily post a recipe in about 3 to 5 minutes.

How many recipes can you share?
As many as you like! Put all your recipes out there!

How much money will you really make?
They are estimating that you will make about $3 per recipe per month (as long as you do a little promoting). So, if you put in 25 recipes, that is an extra $75 for you each month. The great thing is once you put a recipe into our database, you will make money on it for as long as you live! Month after month after month . . .

How do you make money to pay people for their recipes?
If you look at MyRecipeMagic, you will see there is an advertisement at the top of the page, two in the sidebars, and one at the bottom. Those ads are what generate the money to pay you. The more page views your ads get, the more you will get paid.

How do you pay out each month?
When you sign up for MyRecipeMagic, you enter in your email address that is connected to your PayPal account. All payments are safely issued through PayPal.

Do I have to have a blog to share my recipes?
NO! In fact, most of the people on MyRecipeMagic are not bloggers. It’s the perfect place for anyone to share their favorite recipes.

If I am a blogger, how does MyRecipeMagic help me?
In so many ways! It creates backlinks to your site, increasing your SEO. It drives traffic back to your site by having people click over to view the directions to the recipe. It will help people find you that may have never found you before. Plus, the extra money never hurt anyone! 🙂

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